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10 Tips For Doing Your (Aaaaauuuugh) Author Interviews | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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Friend and author Dan Alatorre is a diverse writer who runs a most interesting and entertaining blog. Dan’s blog is full of tips for writers, and he makes up some really neat writing challenges to throw in the mix.


Dan incorporates his natural sense of humour in all his posts, no matter how serious and informative the post is, that’s just Dan.


Today I’m reposting Dan’s 10 tips on doing author interviews.


“I can hear your collective groans from here. Stop it.


As an author, you will occasionally get to do interviews. As the shy, retiring type that most of you writers are, you won’t want to do them. As a marketer, you do want to do them! Interviews raise awareness of your product – the book you want to sell – but don’t be fooled. The TV stars you see being amazing in interviews on late night TV or the Ellen show didn’t just fall out of bed and hit a home run, being all charming and spontaneous and witty.


Luckily, most of the interviews you get to do will be by email or some other written version. (For some sample interview questions I put together, click HERE. Many are the typical stuff you’ll be asked; some are just me.)


Why is that lucky? Because radio and TV interviews are hard.


First, you will probably have to contact people to do an interview regardless of the medium; they don’t come out of the woodwork to track you down just cos you published a book. According to some radio people I spoke with, authors are alwaystrying to get interviewed – and trust me, doing radio is tough. Quiet spaces while you think of an answer seem like HOURS, and you react by trying to answer quickly – and usually too fast – so it isn’t your best answer and you aren’t happy with the result. The nervousness is noticeable in your voice. You sound like a gerbil.


TV is the same except they get to SEE you becoming a gerbil. That’s just… painful. . . “

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Source: 10 Tips For Doing Your (Aaaaauuuugh) Author Interviews | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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      • dgkaye

        Thanks for sharing the ‘free’ download. Maybe you can remind me next week when I return to cold Canada. Here’s a good one. I’m on US soil using a US IPS and it won’t let me purchase books on It’s also not free on .ca but besides that I’m not sure it will let me purchase on .ca because I’m in the US. 🙁

  • olganm

    Thanks for sharing the tips, Debby. I couldn’t help but read your above comment. I go to Spain often visiting my family. There is no problem accessing your own account in Amazon and buying there (although if you’re using a link that’s international and tagged to the territory where you are it will try and send you there). Once you open it it will usually ask you if you’ve moved as your account is elsewhere. If you click to go to your own account you can purchase it there (it usually takes you to the book you were checking). When I’m in Spain I still have to purchase things in the UK account. The issue of free books in Amazon is a complicated one. You have to inform them of free links to your book in all stores for them to change the price and it sometimes reverts back to the original price no matter what… I feel like I’m spending half my life e-mailing them about my free books… Do have a great weekend and thanks for your comments. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      HI Olga! Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing this helpful information. Yes, I found it confusing because the link takes me to instead of .ca, yet wouldn’t let me purchase and it was a trek getting to .ca, so I figured I’m not doing anything until I get back home.
      In regards to ‘free’ links, what about when we use a KDP promo for FREE, isn’t that book automatically FREE for all Amazon countries when setting up the promo? 🙂

  • Sherri

    Thanks again for the great share Debby, Dan is great isn’t he? Will have to come back to read…yes, you’ve guessed it, another bookmark but I do get there! Have a wonderful weekend my friend, I hope everything is well with you… <3 🙂 xoxo

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Sherri. I know it’s information overload, but you can always use the ‘search’ option on anyone’s blog to look up articles when you’re ready to read them too. And happy weekend to you my friend. <3 This is my last weekend here in paradise - Arizona. :( xoxo

  • Sacha Black

    I’m a rare breed, extroverted writer. So for me, I don’t mind the radio or TV. In fact, I even had an agent as a kid, and starred in a TV show. Yup. True Story. I was destined to be creative I guess. When I was at uni I was the President of the Students’ union for a year and it just happened to be the year the government decided to lift the cap on tuition fees. So I had a proper riot. Radio and newspaper interviews coming out my ears, pitted against MPs protests in downing street! They loved me cause I was controversial and said EXACTLY what I thought no holds barred! All kinds of chaos I caused, *muhahhaahhaa* so if…. IF I ever get to the heady heights of being interviewed as an author, I think this is one thing I might have in the bag! (However, off I trot to look at the tips, never too old to learn)

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