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13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger – Hugh’s Views & News

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Today’s post is a wonderful reblog I want to share from Hugh Roberts. Hugh has become quite the blogging expert when it comes to sharing helpful tips on everything blogging and WordPress. If you ever need an answer to a conundrum with either, feel free to visit Hugh’s blog and type it in the search bar. I’m certain you will find help there. Today he’s sharing 13 Fantastic Tips for new bloggers, but I’m sure there’s tips here for old bloggers too as many of us are still learning the tricks of the trade and may not be aware of the benefits of all of these tips.


13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger

If you are new to blogging or are even thinking about starting a blog, here my thirteen quick blogging tips to get you on your way.

  • It’s all about me. Ensure you have an ‘about me’ page. Tell visitors a little about yourself and at least give them a name by which they can call you. However, don’t have an ‘about me’ page that starts off by saying ‘This Is An Example Of An About Me Page’. Click here to read about setting up an ‘about me’ page and what it should include.
  • Make a journey outside of your own blog. I’ve always been amazed by just what information is out there in the blogging world. I’ve learned how to self-publishing a book, how to use social media and make it work for me, how to bake gin & tonic cupcakes, take great photos and, of course, picked up lots of blogging tips. Reading other blog posts can also give you ideas for writing your own posts. Even if you can only spare a few minutes a day, make sure you visit, read, and comment on other blogs.
  • Get talking to fellow bloggers. When you leave a comment on another blog, other readers will read and see your comment and may then come and visit your blog. However, ensure that the comment you leave is relevant to the post and at least proves that you have read it. Try and avoid leaving pointless comments such as ‘Great Post.’ Instead, tell the author what it was that made you think it was a great post or why you enjoyed reading it. They will appreciate your comments and may then visit your blog and become your next follower.
#BloggersBash #Bloggers
Some of the Bloggers from The First Annual Bloggers Bash – London, August 1st, 2015
  • Treat others how you’d want them to treat you. Don’t ignore anyone who has taken the time to read and comment on one of your posts. However, most importantly, never ignore anyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on the ‘about me’ page of your blog. Think about it like this. You’ve invited a guest around for coffee and completely ignore them when they arrive. That’s almost like ignoring comments left on your blog. Treat everyone who visits your blog as a guest and ensure they are made to feel welcomed. After all, with millions of other blogs out there, they can always go elsewhere…can’t they?
  • Not all links are seen as friendly. Speaking of comments, never leave a link to your blog in a comment unless it is either relevant to the post you have just read, or you have been invited to leave a link. When I first started to blog, I learned very quickly from other bloggers that this is frowned upon. What would you think if you owned a coffee shop and, without your permission, somebody from a rival coffee shop came in and left a load of leaflets about their coffee shop? It’s not your blog to leave details of your blog on unless it’s relevant to the post or you have been asked to leave a link.
  • Join a challenge. There are lots of writing and photography challenges in the world of blogging. Don’t be shy, have a try. Not only will it help you with your writing and/or photography, but other participants will come over and read or look at your take on the challenge. It’s a great way to make new friends, have fun, and pick up more followers.
  • Join a party. Blog parties are a great way to introduce your blog to many other readers and for you to discover new blogs to follow. This is a place where the host will either invite you to leave a link to your blog, one of your own blog posts or to introduce a blog that you follow. I’ve hosted and joined blog parties and have always found them a great success. However, the rule is usually that if you leave a link to your blog then you must at least visited some of the blogs of the other people at the party. It’s a great way of showing how friendly both you and your blog are.
#blogging #blogingtips #party
I met hundreds of new bloggers and gained lots of new followers at my first ever blog party.
  • Make sure you’re contactable. Can you imagine a TV or movie producer, an editor of a magazine, or another blogger wanting to contact you to invite you to write an article, and they can’t find a way of reaching you? Continue Reading , . .




Source: 13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger – Hugh’s Views & News

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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • darleenprangue

    Hello Debby,

    All the 13 tips you have mentioned here, you are right, they are free. To be honest the value that they bring on, money or any other service can’t buy.

    All of them were great but this highlighted text was the one that inspired me – Make a journey outside of your own blog, the things that we can learn outside of our blogs are endless.

    Thanks Debby, please continue on bringing these great pieces of art together.



    • dgkaye

      Hi Darleen. Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed this share of Hugh’s post. It’s so true, if we don’t explore other blogs, we’re missing chances to learn new things and make new connections. 🙂

  • marianbeaman

    I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years now, but I didn’t realize leaving links (even relevant ones) when commenting on other blogs is not always seen as a friendly gesture. Thank you!

    • dgkaye

      It’s amazing how much we still can learn about blogging, even after 5 years. Yes, links are considered spammy unless they are invited to use by the blogger. 🙂

  • Hugh's Views and News

    Thanks so very much for sharing this post, Debby. You’re right in what you say in that some of these tips also act as reminders to us bloggers who have been here for a few years. I even, sometimes, surprise myself. 😀
    As ever, thank you so much for your support. 💕

  • Mabel Kwong

    So happy that you reblogged this post of Hugh’s I’m a huge fan of his blog, and he gives great blogging tips. Really like the suggestion of being more than just your blog – a blog can be a starting point for you to develop your interests and skills, and in turn pick up new interests and skills. Because of my blog, I’ve become a published author but also made so many great connections and also, great friends in real life. I also like the suggestion of not ignoring those who take the time to comment – they would have taken the time to read, reflect and take your blog seriously and this time they could have been spent somewhere else.

    Wishing you well for the year ahead, Debbie 🙂

    • Hugh's Views and News

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments, Mabel. I really enjoy sharing all the blogging tips I pick up, especially when they work for me. 😀
      I’m with you in that if it had not been for blogging I’d never have become a published author. I’ve a lot to thank the blogging community for.
      Belated Happy New Year to you.

      • Mabel Kwong

        It has been a great journey watching you go from every day person to published author, and also organiser of the blogger’s bash. Probably more big things to come for you out of blogging. Maybe a second book at some point down the track 😀

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