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20 Questions with Sally Cronin – Don Massenzio’s Blog


This post is a reblog of a wonderful interview of 20 questions Don Massenzio did with the esteemed Sally Cronin, author/blogger, and one of the most social sharing, and informative bloggers and book promoters I know.


 I wanted to share some of Sally’s insights here because I think she is a fascinating person, in life and in her prolific writing. And I think Don did a wonderful job of showcasing Sally below.

Sally Cronin


About Sally Cronin:

After working in a number of industries for over 25 years, Sally Cronin decided that she wanted to pursue a completely different career, one that she had always been fascinated with. She began studying Nutrition and the human body twenty years ago and opened her first diet advisory center in Ireland in 1998. Over the last 18 years she has practiced in Ireland and the UK as well as written columns, articles and radio programs on health and nutrition. She published my first book with a Canadian self- publisher in the late 90s and since then has republished that book and released eight others as part of her own self-publishing company. Apart from books on health and media training, she has also enjoy writing fiction in the form of novels and short stories.


Read the rest of the post HERE and learn about Sally’s fascinating life and accomplishments. You will realize her compassion for life, writing, and her love of animals.

Source: 20 Questions with Sally Cronin – Don Massenzio’s Blog

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