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Can you even imagine?

All my great ideas and great question marks seem to come to my mind in the still of the night, lying in bed waiting to drift off into slumberland.
Last night I was reading an article in a health magazine and stumbled across an article on Alzheimers and Dimentia. As I was reading , I found myself becoming really frightened at what I was reading.
I know we all know about this terrible disease and we all think it will never happen to us, so in a certain way I think we disregard it like it’s something that we would never want to dwell on happening to us, but in the still of the night when your mind tends to wander into the realms of the ‘what ifs’ I found it scary.
The fact that your mind abandons you and possibly your lifetime memories and memories of loved ones could  be snatched away from you, leaving your life in a dark abyss. I think it just brought to light how we so often take so much for granted in life. Just the simple day to day things we do, we rely on our brains to autopilot us through life.
So in that sinister moment I  shake my head and reiterate to myself that I must keep feeding my brain. The brain needs exercise too, not just the body. We must feed it with knowledge. Eat well, read, write, listen to music, dance, play cards and anything else that challenges ourselves to keep it running like a well oiled machine.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts – #Brain health – Food for Thought

  1. Love your blog! I agree, we think alike! Thank you for all your sweet compliments and finding me! I am glad our paths crossed! I love your style and thoughts. I have read some of your posts and found myself nodding to a lot!


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