Good Intentions Foiled – Writing


feet up

I have decided it is a losing proposition trying to do any work on my book on Sundays.  I always like to plan for the day ahead but for some reason Sunday’s plans always get sidetracked.

The plan for today was to finish reading Scrivener for Dummies, watch some tutorials on Scrivener, sort out my first draft manuscript to get it in order for entering into Scrivener and tackle the ‘beast’ Scrivener and get into the process.  Below I shall list how well my plans were carried out:

Woke up, showered, made breakfast for me and hub, put in a load of laundry.

Sat down to read for about 20 minutes, got called outside to assist hub with some gardening apparatus.  Did another load of laundry, had to make lunch for hub.  Finished last chapter of Scrivener (still baffled).

Hub comes home with a new tree and needs me to prepare for planting.  Folded laundry.  Watched one tutorial on Scrivener (youtube). Checked emails (54). Hub comes in chatting away and needs some companionship (spoiled).  Hub needs me to come outside and explain to him why we cannot get another tree in our shaded backyard which requires full-sun.  I throw in another load of laundry and fold.  Only half-way through Scrivener tutorial (which has been abandoned and paused several times now), because hub is in the shower and screams down for a towel and proceeds to request a massage on his aching muscles.  Laundry gets finished and folded and it is time to make dinner.  I made dinner, did the barbequeing, did the dishes and it’s 8pm now while I sit down writing this.

I don’t have children and God Bless my husband as he is like a child on a Sunday doing all the little man things he likes to do but which somehow require my assistance constantly.  I will take it in stride and perhaps I shall just designate Sunday as a day off as this is a constant pattern every Sunday and I perhaps should know better by now.

I am looking forward to Monday and wishing you all a happy and constructive week.



4 thoughts on “Good Intentions Foiled – Writing

  1. I wake each morning filled with resolution to make epic progress on my novel! Then, I hear my SO calling my name..often…really often. And, he wonders why I get up in the wee hours of the morning to jump on my laptop!

    Great post!


    1. Lol, life of a writer! We take the moments we can get. I also wake in the middle of the night with some of my best ideas, drag myself and a penlight to the bathroom to make a quick note so I can go back to sleep.


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