Have you ever tried #Wattpad?

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Wattpad.com is a great site for writers to post their stories.  They can be short stories or parts of your book.  A great way to get some exposure and feedback for your work.   Readers are starting to find that site via word of mouth and from many other writers.

Many people enjoy reading on Wattpad because they can read a short story on their mobile phones, on short jaunts or simply looking for something to read while waiting somewhere like a doctor’s office.

You can follow readers you like to watch for more of their work and you can like and comment as well.  Perhaps some of you wonderful readers and writers out there would like to give it a try? I know I have and if you are interested to see what it is about you can check out my link to one of my stories here, http://bit.ly/1dF7ErV Who knows, maybe you will be inspired!


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