Thank You So Much For This Award

reader awardI am honoured to be nominated for this blog award by littlewritingsblog it inspires me to know that others enjoy coming here and can make themselves comfortable and have a look around.  Thank you.  As is the practice with these awards, I would also like to nominate just some of the many blogs I follow for the informative and beautiful words that keep me coming back to their blogs.


dianereedwriter, think.speak.tryst., reconstructing Christina, lets cut the crap, crankycaregiver

difficultdegrees, Bluefishway

8 thoughts on “Thank You So Much For This Award

  1. Thank you so much for the thought of passing this award on to me, but I don’t do awards as I don’t have the time to write a post with all the extras that it entails. It’s your thought that counts though and I am very grateful for that Debby. Have a lovely Sunday. Ralph xox 😀


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