My Opinion on The Kobo – WH Smith Debacle

Today's thought

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the Kobo and WH Smith issue with taking books off the shelves because of erotica or pornographic subject.  It seems the big issue is that when books get downloaded through the distributors such as Kobo and Amazon and the likes, there doesn’t seem to be a filter system.

Clearly I am thinking the whole situation is a bit exaggerated.  First, I think it would be near impossible and impractical for distributors to be able to read every book that gets downloaded as the manpower alone to keep up with the number of books being downloaded would be ludicrous on its own, never mind the length of time it would take until the book would go through such process itself before it could become published.

Now I’m not saying there is an immediate resolution but I was under the impression there were guidelines for the process to be adhered to and if such unacceptable written material were to get through the system, I would have assumed the best watch dogs would be the reviewers?  I mean, who best to patrol better than the trolls just waiting to spot something that doesn’t seem just?

Political correctness is rampant and I thought we could rely on such watchdogs to do the babysitting?  Outside of that, I can’t imagine what these distributors and retailers can do to police the issue.  It frightens me to think that perhaps they may eventually be able to use some newfangled type of software program that detects certain words, words that could be misconstrued with a seemingly innocent book which may have a ‘bad word’ or two in it, thus banning the complete book.

I suppose those are things that concern me when I hear such chatter on these types of matters, because usually the resolutions become too extreme and begin to affect all writers in the fallout.  These are just my thoughts.  What are your thoughts on the subject?


7 thoughts on “My Opinion on The Kobo – WH Smith Debacle

  1. I believe the whole fiasco has gone way out of hand. I believe they are ‘pretending’ to be heroes because so much is going on in the publishing world nowadays. It feels like a Hollywood stunt. Just saying.


    1. Oh yes Tess, it is out of control and in the process has hurt a lot of innocent writers. I’m sure they know the ‘buzz’ going on and will find a way to make themselves ‘not stink’. The real concern, as I posted, is what the resolution will be. 🙂


  2. I still think it is ironic that we just had banned book month and also that romance is the top seller of indie books. I have a solution, which utilizes the honor system. I want to think that we shouldn’t have to have a governing body imposing rules on this issue. Before you can “push the button” to publish a book, you have to check off that it does not contain x, y, z (the publisher fills in the acts or words that will not be accepted). Also add the consequences of not being truthful.
    Okay, I saved the world, now I’m taking a nap! :>)


    1. Well-deserved nap my friend. I like that idea. Have you considered sending it to Kobo? Sounds like they need assistance. And also the fact that the internet if full of terrible things that require parental controls. I’m wondering when it stopped being the parent’s concern what children read to help censor things and give the writer’s some freedom to express themselves with what you said, x,y,z, identifiers. Just a thought! 🙂


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