Winter’s Approach


No longer are branches erect,

as the weight of snow and wind lay on their backs.

Cool winds have made their entrance,

Autumn leaves scatter in a flurry,

as winter’s breath makes its presence felt.

Turkey eaten, goblins soon to pass,

another year nears to a close,

and soon comes Christmas.

Β©D.G. Kaye – 2013snowbaby06



31 thoughts on “Winter’s Approach

  1. Beautiful photos and seasonal poem. So much happens at this time of year, but–oh no–I’m not ready for snow. Today it’s 60. Snow expected on the weekend, not much, just a warning of what’s to come. So we cross the threshold of All Soul’s Day or Celtic Samhain or Halloween when they say the veil between the two worlds is thin and transparent. I’ve been pondering how to support myself in the dark fallow times. I will sleep more and snuggle close to the wood stove and read on those dark evenings.


    1. Thanks so much for the conpliment and lol yes, I felt the need to ‘mush’ because we had autumn here for about three days and then snow appeared and drastically, dropped temps! πŸ™‚


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