I Am Grateful For…

I am grateful forLET US GIVE THANKS FOR…

The every day things in life we have and do that are sometimes overlooked to be thankful for because we may just assume that they are a given – but essentially, they are blessings.

I am grateful for God’s graciousness just to allow me to wake up everyday.

I am grateful for the gift I have to be able to write and share in freedom.

I am grateful for ability to hear the beautiful lyrics and melody in a song.

I am grateful to watch children playing happily and flowers in bloom, both still unscathed by hardship.

I am grateful to be loved.

I am grateful for the freedoms to choose what I want to be and all that I have.


What are you grateful for?



The Seasons of Life Continue

Today's thought

Swirling leaves in air, encrusted in snow,

Gardens are frozen, as howling winds blow.

Autumn’s delight, a fragmented past,

Golden hues dissipate, into a season of last.

Summer’s light, now brings early dark,

Gone are the lyrics of the passing lark.

Now bundled up, some mittens lost,

No longer is green, a fade to frost.

©D.G. Kaye – 2013


Carnival of Indies

Carnival of Indies badge

I am just thrilled and love to share that my blog post…How Did I Write My Memoir, was accepted by The Book Designer issue #38 of the publication and circulated Sunday, November 24th! For those of you who aren’t familiar with www.thebookdesigner.com , Joel Friedlander’s site is a wealth of information for writers. There are hundreds of articles you can sift through on his site to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest things on publishing from blogs to book cover designs and templates for formatting books. Truly one of our great gurus on self publishing.

This month’s issue has lots of articles on book marketing, informative blog posts from Indie authors and more, including writing tools and tips (which my blog is listed under). An up to date issue on what’s hot and going on in the Indie world of publishing.

Thank you Carnival of Indies for including my post in your publication!


Downtown, A different day and Memory Lane

Today's thought

Today was different. I have been so accustomed to working in my comfy writer space day after day as the days turn into weeks then months. I had an annual doctor appointment downtown and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make an additional appointment while down there to see my Osteopath to try and put (me) Humpty back together again.

My hips and lower back had been aching for days and somehow locked up on me, making it painful to sit or sleep or barely able to lift my foot into my underwear (tmi?). Anyhoo, going downtown for me is like a day visiting another city. My friends often joke that they need to bring their passports just to visit me. Yes, I live in suburbia! Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely here and it’s like a whole other hustle and bustle city up here in the northern end of Toronto. There is everything here including traffic, only it’s not downtown, but my doctor is. So when I go downtown once or twice a year, I make a plan of things I need to get while there and plan my route accordingly.

Now, getting there is a journey in itself, Lordy, no I will not drive downtown! Somewhere through the years I have lost my brazen ability to drive far, on highways or at night. Besides the anxiety that strikes me on these jaunts, I’ve had lots of trouble with my vision over the past few years and I cannot read signs in unfamiliar territory or on fast-paced highways quick enough to avoid missing an exit…again, causing anxiety. I don’t drive at night unless I’m absolutely stuck being the designated driver when my husband and I go to a party and that is only if it doesn’t require highway driving as I have a problem with night vision due to some laser eye surgery I had years ago when I had pin holes lasered into my iris’ to alleviate pressure to stop me from going blind. TMI again? Sorry. Yes, so the halo effect occurs from the oncoming headlights and this is just not a good thing. So, I have my perimeters.

So, my plan for going downtown is as follows:  The subway is about a 40 minute drive from my house. My step-son-in-law works at a car dealership 5 minutes from the subwayI drive there and he drives me to the subway and takes my car back to the dealership and picks me back up when I’m heading back north. Sometimes I even have anxiety on subways! Perhaps I’ve watched too many movies and always seem to be leery if I spot someone unsavory looking. Maybe it’s even my imagination and maybe being a writer exaggerates these anxieties? Imagination serves me well as a writer but sometimes it can get a bit over-active. I don’t exactly know when I became like this because I never used to be afraid of a damn thing!  I like to blame it on…..do I dare say….middle age? And so, it’s another 25 minute ride downtown on the subway and a few blocks walk to my doctor’s office.

When I’m downtown, I always feel like I am somewhere else, like I am a tourist. Today happened to be fairly cold outside, minus 5 celcius and very windy and with all the buildings downtown, made it feel all the more windy. I finished my appointment fairly early and had decided that I wanted to pick up a few things that I can only get in a particular store down there and I debated with myself if I felt up to the long walk to get there.

After being worked on for 2 hours by my Osteopath then taped up like a human mummy all around my hips, I decided to tackle the mission.  As I walked in the wind (against my face), bundled up good, I really enjoyed it. I walked about 5 subway stops and it felt so good to be outside and walking instead of on my ass in front of the computer. As I passed various landmarks (those that had meant something to me in my life), I began to reminisce about so many things in my life that had pertained to them. I passed the hospital where I had my heart surgery (tumor, not coronary), I passed the hotel where I worked as an executive secretary to the general manager for some years – some of my best years. I passed the many shops I’d wandered into on my lunch hours when I worked down there. It was almost as though I was revisiting my past and the memories evoked were all different -the hospital memories and the happy memories. A real trip down memory lane. After I hopped back on the subway and began writing this post,

My hips and back are killing me, it hurts to sit. Apparently I’m no longer allowed to sit on my comfy couch and work there on my laptop. I love it in my open family room to the kitchen with the TV on in the background. My doctor told me that my body had been sitting for so long this year that it tightened and jammed my hips. Now I have to work in my lonely office and sit in a proper chair when creating and surfing. Well, I will see how long that lasts! My husband is on me like a cop for this as he had heard me complaining about my aches and pains for so long. Hmm, I once wrote a post here on Do Writers Suffer Vanity? Now I am wondering if writers suffer injured hips, backs and bums?


Waiting for a Call: Love, Loss, and Continuing Bonds – Elaine Mansfield

Elaine MansfieldReblogged from www.ElaineMansfield.com

Elaine is a most compassionate person and a most beautiful writer. She shares her grief of the deep loss of her beloved husband in a lot of her writing and in her sharing she extends her compassion and strength. Her words are eloquently written and the messages she conveys in her writing are deeply moving. I couldn’t help but read this with tears in my eyes, yet at the same time take in her beautiful message. – A Love Story

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Elaine Mansfield

via Waiting for a Call: Love, Loss, and Continuing Bonds – Elaine Mansfield.

For Authors | That Part Where

thatpartTHATPARTWHERE is a newer site for authors to promote their books. Quite a fascinating concept I find if you read through the rest of the article. They have taken a new approach to displaying books. As opposed to ‘The Blurb’ which normally is a short synopsis of a book, That Part Where, lets the author choose an excerpt from their book to display which in turn gives the reader a more in depth experience of what the book is about and perhaps captivates them to want to read more.

I discovered this site by reading about the interview with Benjamin Wallace on Molly Greene’s blog. Benjamin is with Monkey Paw Creative who has started That Part Where. You can read the full interview on Molly’s page. Below is the introduction to this service, to continue just click on the link at the end.

For Authors

We’d love to share your story on That Part Where.

Here’s how it works:

For $10 (beginning in December)

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This includes a book description, cover, scene set-up, links to your book on Amazon and contact information for your website, Facebook and Twitter.

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We’ll include the ad for your scene in our Google Adwords campaign for 30 days

We target avid readers and this ad will take them directly to your post on That Part Where.%

via For Authors | That Part Where.

How Did I Write My Memoir?

Conflicted Hearts Cover MEDIUM revisedLooking back on the journey of my book’s creation, Conflicted Hearts, I found myself going over the process from where I began.  As a first time, soon-to-be author, in the final stages getting ready for publication, I found that as the months went by in the ‘go go go mode’, that when I finally reached the final edited version is when I stood back and went ahh, wow, how did I get here?

I think the process for writing in memoir is different for each writer. We all devise our own system to organize best, the way we work. For me, it was a little bit of trial and error in the beginning of the organizational stages. As I worked feverishly through the writing stages by day, I spent long nights reading many books; not only for writing but for self publishing, marketing. I also learned that my computer had many more facets for me to master than I had ever realized. I spent some time trying to learn Scrivener which many writers use and recommend. I even read ‘Scrivener for Dummies’ but I couldn’t quite get a handle on it so I threw in the towel and I focused my efforts on learning ‘Word Styles’. Thanks to Joel Friedlander, www.thebookdesigner.com and his exceptionally helpful newsletter I subscribe to and my new best friend ‘google’, I successfully got my manuscript into Word using styles.

Writing my book, I’d have to say was more enjoyable than what comes after, ie: revisions, revisions and more revisions, marketing, keeping up with social media and learning a myriad of other programs and applications. Writing memoir for me became so cathartic. There is something about getting raw emotions out of your head and on to paper that evokes a sense of new-found freedom. Pent up emotions can have a propensity to consume one.

As I wrote, sure I had stopped many times along the way and questioned myself on how can I publish this book when I will be exposing so much of myself as well as others. Then I’d remember the many books I’d read along the way which all said, keep writing, don’t stop to second guess yourself, don’t edit along the way, write freely, write what you know, everything else will be saved for revisions. Those were the helpful things which kept my writing sane. One of the most helpful books I went back to many times which helped me organize my thoughts and writing on memoir was Linda Joy Myers’, Journey of Memoir. Another great book was William Zinsser’s , On Writing Well. I began to understand the difference between autobiography and memoir. Memoir is a theme in your life. They can be short essays, vignettes or really how one chooses to set it up but there is always a theme with intent to send out a message. Zinsser writes…Write vignettes of particular events and when you think you are done, put them all together and you will find your theme.

I had kept a journal for years, I’d often write about things that tugged at my heart strings or summations of events that took place in my life through the years. The funny part was that for all I wrote, I had never gone back and re-visited my writings. When I began going through my pages and re-read and began making some law and order out of them, it became to easy for me to fill in the gaps by following my memories from the pages I had already written. I had always prided myself on an excellent memory and ironically these past few years, my recent memory sometimes escapes me, such as what I ate for dinner yesterday, yet my long-term memory can clearly recall events in my life as far back as three years old…What’s up with that anyway? I also began to deal with the uncomfortable feelings I began having about actually publishing what I had written. As a person who always tried to avoid sharing her private life and hurting someone’s feelings, when my book’s theme presented itself to me, I began having anxiety about some of the people in the book who may not be particularly pleased to be in it. I tried to cut stuff and I did but some of the events were pertinent to my book’s theme that I couldn’t cut anymore. ‘Write what you know,’ I kept saying to myself as it became my mantra.

My theme became very apparent. I really didn’t know what it was until I got so involved with the writing and looking back on what I had already written. How I didn’t recognize it right off the bat was absurd, as I tried hard to deny it. All roads led to the emotional guilt I had lived with all my life. Whether I chose to recognize it or not, it was a fact. No matter what ventures I took in life; the ups and the downs, the guilt I carried from my mother, never seemed to escape me. I once had a conversation with a relative of mine when she discovered I was writing this book. There was no praise or well-wishes. Instead, I got questioned, ‘Who is this book about?’, she asked emphatically. ‘Your mother?’ I replied, ‘No, the book is about me, and yes, my mother plays a part in it because her actions affected much of my life.’ She acted as though I were writing in vengeance instead of trying to understand that I was writing to express where I had come from, how I came to be and what I had learned and how I dealt with life. I know people will always see things in a different light than perhaps the writer does, but memoir is the writer’s ‘truth’. Some see only what they want to see; some will never understand the lessons.

As memoir writers, it is our job to tell our truth. It is our point of view from how we lived and experienced our life. Sometimes it cannot be sugar-coated and the characters involved cannot be adorned for more than who they were. It is brutal and sometimes painful to write in memoir. I have learned this first hand. Many tears I had shed during the making of my book. I hope that my readers can gain some insight from it and realize how susceptible children really are to their environments in childhood and how absolutely a childhood is the beginning of the formation of his/her character.

Below, I’d like to pass on some really helpful books and sites that I found invaluable amongst many others:

Journey of Memoir – Three stages of Memoir Writing………………Linda Joy Myers

On Writing…………………………………………………………………………………..Stephen King

On Writing Well……………………………………………………………………………William Zinsser

Writing About Your Life……………………………………………………………….William Zinsser

Writing The Memoir – From Truth to Art……………………………………..Judith Barrington

Bird By Bird…………………………………………………………………………………..Anne Lamott


In the next two weeks, I will be posting a short excerpt from my upcoming book, Conflicted Hearts as an introductory prelude to its publication, feel free to click on my Conflicted Hearts page for a brief synopsis and after it is published there will be a link there where you will be able to purchase it at Amazon, both in e-book and print.

©D.G. Kaye – 2013


99 Top Forums/Blogs to Post Your Book FREE | Savvy Writers & e-Books online


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I am sharing a great list of websites listed in the blog below which authors can go to promote their books. Enjoy! 🙂

99 Top Forums/Blogs to Post Your Book FREE | Savvy Writers & e-Books online.