Now I’m A Blank?


As many of you may already know, I have often run into many roadblocks with WordPress. Before I got my new site here, I encountered several problems with WordPress.

One in particular was when fellow bloggers and readers were being re-directed to an invalid site with no posts, just my name, it was basically a non-existent page. Not so long ago, I also wrote a post here on how I became a ‘Purple Square’. Any time I was posting on other WordPress sites it wouldn’t show my gravatar or any info about me, just a purple square. That left not only the bloggers I posted to, unable to comment back to me, itΒ left me unable to obtain any replies to my comments, most likely sent to cyber space.

Please forgive me if you had not received any response from me πŸ™‚ There are days when I cannot bring up my reader or get it to open, definitely a pain. Thankfully I got it working again (yay)Β but when I went through my reader to view blogs I noticed that once again, WordPress had shunned me. I suppose they take it personal when someone abandons their control.

I noticed as I was scanning through the blogs, my blogs. Only they weren’t nicely highlighted titles with the website name, no pictures and no comment or ‘like’ option to click on :(. There was only a white background with black type. At least there was a title but the blogs were blah in comparison to the sea of other beautiful looking posts.

So my friends, if you happen to be scanning the reader and happen to come across one of these ‘lonely looking’ blog posts, there is a good chance it’s one of mine. Please don’t be afraid to click and say hello.

I’d love to know if any of you who aren’t on a WordPress site has encountered any of these weird occurrences?

12 thoughts on “Now I’m A Blank?

    1. Thanks Carol! Well if you were just here and saw my latest post, “I’m a blank”, that’s just one of the problems I’ve encountered with wordpress. Before I got my own site here (which is no longer on I only had a few issues. Ever since I left wordpress I have had several issues with them as they don’t like working with ‘ex-patrons’, lol. My web designer has circumvented many of the issues to keep me linked. Now, what I have found is my posts are still coming up on your wordpress ‘reader’, only they don’t show my name and they are plain black and white (as you will note in my recent post).By you signing up (and thank you), you will get weekly post from me through mailchimp, sending you the past weeks posts (every Tuesday), titled “In cased you missed them”. That is why I created the mailing list when I left wordpress for those who missed scanning the reader, this way I am still in contact with all my wordpress pals I follow and follow me, which I have access to the reader on my admin page and they find me during the week on the reader or they pop in and if they missed it, they get my updates on Tuesdays. I hope this helps, wordpress has given me lots of anxiety and extra work. 😦 But I don’t give up! πŸ™‚ Thanks for mentioning this and I hope you got your confirmation already from mailchimp that you are signed up? πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks so much Carol! I’m having trouble commenting on your site :(. When I went there last night it wouldn’t accept and I went back to check and it posted twice, arg. Now I just tried to post a comment on your latest blog on writing and management, I tried 3 times and it kept taking me to an invalid page, so either there is no comment with a ‘like’ or there are 3 the same. Darn this technology, all I want to do is write! πŸ™‚


  1. Wow, WordPress has not been kind to you, has it?
    I’ve had my own problems, but it turned out to be the interface between my browser and WordPress, and I get around it (it still pops up on occasion, refusing to display the page at all) by installing and using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.
    Computers are cantankerous beasts, aren’t they?
    And hey, I’ve just found it wouldn’t let me post on your blog, so here I am, over at Chrome….


    1. Ok, more weirdness? You couldn’t post here? This is so annoying. Funny you say Chrome, because I was reading on google forums (as I google everything before I download for repercussions), that Chrome has screwed up some things in people’s browsers so I was apprehensive to download because I already have enough trouble. I am glad that you found your way over here though Deb, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


      1. I had the same problem on someone else’s blog (a pro site about using WordPress!) and I suspect its my computer, not your site, but who knows?
        I had a few niggles with Chrome, and removed it for a while, but when I couldn’t get to my blog any other way, I re-downloaded it. I only use it if IE doesn’t do the job, like this problem.
        I’m not convinced even the tech-heads know what’s going on half the time πŸ˜‰


      2. You said it Deb. Most of the tech people I have reached out to (like wordpress and google) have yet to solve my problems. Hence, I don’t want to change my browser for fear of more trouble that I can never seem to get resolved. Sheesh, what happened to the good old days when we were only just ‘writers’? This techy stuff is so overwhelming and time consuming. πŸ™‚


  2. As you know, I use Word Press. And some of your comments ended up in my spam box. Hmmm… The techy stuff is overwhelming, but I don’t try to do it all myself. Looks like you have good help, too. Yesterday I had a guest blog at another site, as well as my own blog. The site host sent an email telling me there were already comments at the site although she posts it in the middle of the night. She has international readers. So, as I went to her site to respond, my internet service went down. It was up in a few hours and off I went, but I must, must, must not get worked up about this computer chaos. It will continue to happen. I’ll continue to work it out with help. It’s just part of being a writer now. I know you agree.


    1. Absolutely! I have had numerous issues and mostly I am on my own to figure out, only when I am at wit’s end do I email my web guy. I find the most grief with wordpress issues and google, both of which are almost impossible to get any support from. But yes Elaine, when computer is down (I’ve had my share of that as well), we always have pen and paper to fall back on.:)


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