I Am Grateful For…

I am grateful forLET US GIVE THANKS FOR…

The every day things in life we have and do that are sometimes overlooked to be thankful for because we may just assume that they are a given – but essentially, they are blessings.

I am grateful for God’s graciousness just to allow me to wake up everyday.

I am grateful for the gift I have to be able to write and share in freedom.

I am grateful for ability to hear the beautiful lyrics and melody in a song.

I am grateful to watch children playing happily and flowers in bloom, both still unscathed by hardship.

I am grateful to be loved.

I am grateful for the freedoms to choose what I want to be and all that I have.


What are you grateful for?



14 thoughts on “I Am Grateful For…

  1. Lovely, Debby. You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I imagine, but took it as an opportunity to be grateful anyway. Any way we remember is the best way, and the harder things are in our lives, the more we need to be grateful for what we take for granted–food, water, doctors when we’re sick, hearing well (how I miss that), and children at play. Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the border.


    1. Thank you my friend. Always grateful for things we may take for granted. Yes, we’ve had our Thanksgiving but Canada is now on the bandwagon with Black Friday (go figure), and I love football so I will work here in the morning, then do some Xmas baking and watch football. I love it! :)Happy turkey day to you! 🙂


  2. You’re so right. We have to be grateful for many things in our lives. If we look carefully around us we realize that even we may have or not a lot of money, the most important things in life that matter are the ones that don’t need money. It’s all our blessings given from the moment we come in this world. 🙂


  3. I am grateful for having to experience what it is to be human in this world — to experience happiness, excitement, shock, thrill, loneliness, anger, hatred, and all that. I am thankful because in this world I get to meet people from different walks of life — truly wonderful people such as you Ms Debby. It’s good to be back!


  4. Dear pretty young lady, long story – short: we’re both on the same wavelength, I’m grateful and thankful for the same “stuff”… 🙂 One thing, though: I do believe that health is our most precious treasure, the rest will always follow… 🙂 my very best, friendly & sunny thoughts from Toulouse, France! cheers, Mélanie


    1. Thanks Melanie. That is always my motto….without health we have nothing! 🙂 Indeed we are riding the same waves! Thanks you my sweet friend! 🙂


  5. You are right, we have many things to be grateful for…

    I share many blessing with you as we have in common many the reasons you have flagged up above… This make me smile 🙂 …

    As to your picture, you look gorgeous!…

    I am grateful to read your words too ►”Thank you” DG !

    Cheers, Aquileana 🙂



    1. What a burst of sunshine to open my page here first thing in the morning to your most inspiring comments. I so look forward to your visits! 🙂 And you are too kind with the compliments always! xo


  6. I am thankful, for too many things to fill this space. Among them I am grateful my health is good as is my little family’s, that I can makes virtual friends as well as real-life-day-to-day ones. The blogosphere has been kind to me. I have met many individuals with similar goals and interests–one of which is a lady by the name of Debby Kaye. I am thankful for my memory and that I am capable of writing, my eyesight which allows me to read and my mind which allows rational thought.

    Nice to see you Debby. I’m catching up my October Thanksgiving gratitude.


    1. Oh Yay Tess, glad you are back and we are thankful for the same things ie: memory and my eyes, I pray they will hold up through the years, they have been through much. But I wish I could be more rational like you! 🙂 xo


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