Unfallen Snow

Today's thought


A sky full of snow,

Not yet fallen.

Held in a basket of clouds,

Waiting for release.

Cold winds whirl through air,

Our noses nipped by frost.

Words expelled,

With visible breath.

Pavement still black,

Not yet touched by winter’s tears.

Children bundled in layers,

In anticipation of winter’s playground.

It’s almost cold enough now,

For the clouds to release.

Β©D.G. Kaye – 2013



15 thoughts on “Unfallen Snow

  1. Hello DG …

    Oh how I love your poetry on seasons…

    Remarkable verses here:

    “A sky full of snow/
    Not yet fallen/ Held in a basket of clouds,
    Waiting for release”.

    Besides, I loved the imaginary related to winter times.
    I am quite feeling the frozen snow and listening to the cold wind surrounding

    As for me, the best verses of this poem ar:

    “Pavement still blac / Not yet touched by winter’s tears”…

    Worth noting: A sort of oxymoron here Black Β·White… Beautiful…
    As ever it is really nice to come acroos you and your poems.

    Cheers, Aquileana πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh My Aquileana, I am just thrilled you enjoy my poetry, it means a lot to me. And that you can see through the words. So happy our paths have crossed my sweet friend πŸ™‚


  2. Deb,
    What happened? You picked up your pen and wrote with a different passion than I have seen in any of your poems! Every line was art!
    Hey, life has been busy… I have too many plates full right now… but you are in my thoughts and heart! Glad I wandered on over here!


    1. Hey Di! I’ve missed you, I’ve been to your page and guessed you were busy since no new posts! Yes, my mind is all over the place and I’m tearing my hair out with trying to get this book ready to launch, a few set backs but I’m working fast and furious! Thanks for the kind words, I miss you! We need to catch our breaths, and we will! πŸ™‚ xo


  3. The basket of clouds got me too, Debby. Wonderful poem! See, I made it over. We got our first hard frost last night & I went out for sunrise and some frosty photos…will get some up soon:>)


    1. Patti your photos are stunning, you should do a book collage with them and your interpretations of them! Thanks for travelling here! πŸ™‚ xo


  4. Early winter poem. I feel it, full of anticipation with a touch of dread. And before we know it, you’ll be writing spring poems–and have a book in your hands.


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