Author’s First Book


Is there any other feeling than exhilaration when a first-time author receives her proof copies?

I received my first copies of my book on Christmas Eve. The previous week was a huge learning curve publishing my book Conflicted Hearts in ebook and paperback as well as enduring the great ice storm.Β While I spent lots of time learning the process it still was not without its glitches. One hair raising event for me was after using two editors and reading my book about 40 times myself, while downloading it, it went through the system seamlessly but before I hit publish a warning came up…..Amazon has found 2 spelling errors, do you wish to correct or proceed with publish? Wow, seriously? I was freaking out over this as I did not want to leave ‘unseen’ errors yet I had my book formatted by a wonderful, brilliant formatter, which meant I had no way of correcting the errors on my own. I had to send it back to the formatter. Stuart is a very busy man and had been so kind to me through the process of sending and approving and now I had to send an emergency email to him, asking if he would mind making the changes to the file so I could redownload it. With his kindness, Stuart responded and corrected my file within an hour and I hit publish. How lucky I felt that this man dropped whatever he was doing to help me get on my way quickly to publishing. There are truly some wonderful people in this industry and with a little kindness and appreciation it is not so hard to receive when you need, when you put it back out there.

Me and my books

17 thoughts on “Author’s First Book

  1. This is a great photo of you. I am in the process of reading your book and am thoroughly enjoying it. I read it mostly before going to bed. That’s always my reading for enjoyment time. It’s nice to have a book that you look forward to reading.


    1. Wow thanks Carol! Yes, I too do my enjoyment reading before bed when everything else shuts off. Thanks for the compliment and I look forward to your comments and review! P.S. I am so looking forward to your book, as I am currently reading another author’s book for a promised review and finishing off another for my writing purposes, yours is next in line! πŸ™‚


  2. I look forward to this experience in 2014. It’s wonderful to have such a helpful man on your team. I have a little tribe of helpful men in my life, including my new publisher whose wife also works for the company. Kindness is essential to get through ice storms, heartache, and publishing. Notification that your book has been mailed, so I await delivery in early January.
    You’ve done so much and I’m impressed. I’m working my way into Twitter. Thanks for the shove,


    1. Always happy to help Elaine, as you read, I learned through the kindness of other’s help too. I’m excited for you to read my book, I’ve been getting some lovely feedback that seems to make it all worthwhile. If you get a chance, read the article I just posted on FB on ‘Internet Jail’, I think you will really appreciate it and identify with the overwhelming duties of a self published writer. πŸ™‚


  3. Hello gorgeous Dg;

    How are you ?…
    I Β΄ve alreday began reading your book and it a delightful experience my dear…
    I am so happy to meet you… πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations on “Conflicted hearts” & weΒ΄ll talk about it soon when I am done with it…

    Many hugs, Aquileana !!!


    1. Oh thankssss Aq! I’ve missed you, I haven’t seen you around here or twitter, I hope you are busy enjoying yourself! xo


      1. Oh, I Β΄ve missed you too!!! Yes you got me sweets , you know it is very hot heer so I am enjoying the fresh air and the swimming pool… So sorry if I am in a sort of delay here regarging your book too. But now you know the reason why sweetheart… Will tell you about it as soon as possible…

        Many hugs to you; Aquileana πŸ˜‰


  4. I just finished reading your book and wrote a review on amazon. It was a great pleasure reading it. I loved your style, it was definitely worth reading it. I felt happy when you wrote about happy moments and sad when you wrote about them. Even if life is very difficult, we have moments to enjoy. I believe that things happen for a reason. Even if I don’t understand and really feel the things you felt all these years because of all the conflicted feelings, I think that no child has to pass through all the pain that some parents can cause to their children. I am very glad that I have a great parents that are always close to me and help me anytime. But, I still feel sad when others are sad. I loved the book because even you had to pass through a lot of difficulties, you are a strong woman and overcome all the obstacles.
    Have a great year and many others that will come!


    1. Hi Little, I am touched by you reading and taking the time to comment back to me here. Thank you so much for your honesty and wishes. I suppose being that the book is nonfiction it of course has its happy and sad moments. I am happy to know that I at least evoked these emotions in you through my writing. Thank you so very much for your generous time. πŸ™‚


  5. Just finished reading the book and I really enjoyed it, going to order a 2nd copy for the ex as she wants to read it as well


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