Bittersweet – Murphy’s Law


A few months back, I wrote a post on “Murphy”, my pet name for his origin is Murphy’s law. Murphy has a tendency to show up in my life at most inopportune times, hence the name, so of course it would be inopportune!

Murphy has been circling my orbit for the past two weeks. I have tried to ignore him and refused to acknowledge that it was once again my turn in the universe to be graced with his presence. I know when he’s around, he’s like Santa; he sees you when you’re sleeping.

In these past two weeks, things around my house have been mysteriously breaking down or malfunctioning. Communications have had SNAFU’s and anything I was trying to accomplish was being time-sucked by distractions and mishaps which I had to attend to. One day my Lazy Susan cupboard or ‘the magic cupboard’ as my cabinet maker who designed it named it when I bought and renovated my house completely last year, wouldn’t open more than 8 inches for me to get into it to access my various cooking ingredients. I suppose Susan lived up to her name. That was the week of the Polar Vortex and I need not go into what that weather situation entailed after the great ice storm. Coincidentally at that time my gas fireplace conveniently died. And of course that happened on a Friday night so it couldn’t get serviced until Monday which again turned into Tuesday because people whose furnaces broke down took precedence over fireplaces. The repair man finally came, made it work but found no known reason to man why it didn’t work.

Two weeks ago I went to my mailbox in anticipation of finding my Conflicted Hearts books there, only to wipe out on the icy sidewalk and sprain my ribs and upper arm…and no books! Yesterday in the middle of checking back and forth at my sales rank on amazon during my first KDP promotion, my laptop CRASHED…AGAIN! That would be two hard drive crashes in 5 months. Can this even happen? I spent two hours on the phone (instead of writing) with Dell tech support, chewing them out for a crappy product while trying to analyze the problem. Another thing that got me steamed about the already aggravating situation was they informed me that they would come an repair and put in a new hard drive for me but they were taking the old one with them. WHOA!  I said, “What?” Apparently if I don’t let them have the old one, I would be charged $80.00! “Are you kidding me?”, I questioned in a not so friendly tone. “I’m not giving you guys my whole personal world in that hard drive, that’s invasion of privacy,” I added. I thought the crash was enough punishment. They patiently replied that they don’t look at my information. So what the heck do they need it for! I thought when I bought the darn thing with all its components that it belonged to me. Why is their property? What is this world coming to? So my choice became give up the hard drive or pay. I was steamed So I ventured out to my local business depot today and took the dead machine over so they could swipe off all my info and paid them twenty bucks. I sure wasn’t going to give them my life on it.

In the midst of my mayhem, I was eagerly watching my author rank and downloads during my promo and I was so elated that my book Conflicted Hearts, made #1 in the top free NonFiction/Memoir category. It was a thrilling end to a crappy day. So as the saying goes — There is a silver lining!                   Screenshot 2014-01-10 18.41.18

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in getting my book and I hope you all enjoy it and if you did, please write a review on amazon because that is how our books get pushed up into visibility. I also want to thank many of my friends here for helping to spread the word for me and a special thanks to Diane Tibert for doing a lovely post about my book on her website for me. Please click on the link below to have a look.

Free eBook: Conflicted Hearts by D. G. Kaye | Diane Tibert.

I wish you all a great week and remember –Beware of Murphy!



14 thoughts on “Bittersweet – Murphy’s Law

  1. My very special sister, May I say that I know how you feel? Well, maybe not “really know.” But still, I have had many frustrations that seemed to have made no sense to me. I think that it was James Dobson who wrote a book that had a question, “why do bad things happen to God’s people?” Since your are found in that category, (God’s people)I think that it is fair for you to also ask the same question. Of course, you’ll probably never be given the answer, but you will know that you are one of God’s chosen people. So, I will say this now: “I am very sorry for all of the horrible things that have seemed to show up at your house at the most inopportune times. And, if I may preach for a small moment, I will share a verse that will quickly come to your mind. It is Romans 8:28. I won’t even write its words in this comment, because you already know the words. Since I think that you are one of the most smartest and blessed women in the whole world, I will say that I consider it a great honor for me to be able to share my thoughts with you. Just think! You have shared you heart of love with many, many, people whom you have never met, nor will ever meet, who live all around the world. Isn’t God good?
    John 17:3
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints


    1. Absolutely God is good, and I never ask why me either. So many people suffer, there is always someone worse off, so I don’t really complain, I just vent and then I always laugh. Yes, I have read that book, and there are no real answers. Thank you for your kind words once again. Have a great week!


      1. Please know that you are a very special sister in Christ. Everything that i wrote in my comment was an affirmation of my appreciation of you, and of everything that you do. It is unfortunate that a word is normally written with black type on a white background. And, just as in the words of Jesus to Peter in John 21:15-17, where Jesus was asking, “Peter, do you love me (three times), in order for us to have a complete understanding of the discourse, it is important to understand the voice inflection of Jesus when He was speaking. I have an idea that the words were very softly spoken, with a great deal of respect for Peter. So, with that Bible lesson under our belts, I will continue. You could not
        hear my typed words, neither could anybody else. So, to make sure that you, and everyone else, is sure of my meaning, I want to again tell you that the statement that you made was what I would expect to hear from such a person as you. So, I am asking for your forgiveness for my not making my
        thoughts more understandable to you. May I also say that I am encouraged about your book. I know that God will bless it, and you too.
        John 17:3
        Pastor/Equipping The Saints


  2. Thanks for the link back, Debby. It sounds like you had one eventful time. I can’t imagine why Dell would want your harddrive. I’d be like you: wipe it clean before they took it.

    That slippery ice was everywhere here in Nova Scotia too. But the warm temperatures and rain washed most of it away over the weekend.

    Congratulations on reaching number one on Amazon. It certainly brings a little sunshine into your world.


    1. Yes I did and still am going crazy redownloading my life back on my laptop :(. Yes, it was inspirational for my morale to see my book up there and happily it is still sitting at #3 in paid. Thanks again Diane, and I had left you a message on FB the other day and didn’t hear back so wondering if you received it?


  3. I hate weeks like that. I know how you feel. I had a similar situation starting last friday only it is still going strong. Every time I feel frustrated at what is not working, I remember that when it is over, I will have what to laugh at.


    1. You are so right Lilith, it always looks better in retrospcect! Thanks for coming by and reading! 🙂 And I do believe there is something going on with the planets, I haven’t checked but I have a good feeling mercury could be in retrograde!


  4. Hello D.G…

    Well after all Murphy´s negative influences were meant to be stopped … Neither the ice storm nor even the Polar Vortex can act as opposite forces in the growing up influxes of a talented writer…

    I am absolutely happy to now that you have reached the top at Amazon.Com… As I told you earlier at twitter I am in the middle of “Conflicted Hearts”(when you were travelling to Greece and won´t say no more about the plot here)… Well it is a so well written… You have a great prose, the way you describe events & people… It seems as if I were watching a movie. I feel close to you and I even cried when you told us about your grandparents… When you describe love, you do it in a genuine and passioantely way. I like taht too. Feelings are balanced; passion/love vs Pain/sorrow, that speaks out loud of you as a writer…

    I am taking my time… I like to get through book´s pages like flowing smoothly through them… But you know you´ll get my humble review posted on my blog when I am over with it… (( !!!))

    All my very best wishes; Sending love to you; DG,

    Aquileana 🙂


    1. Wow, Aq, I am touched by your analysis of my book, truly! I love hearing your feedback because I love the way you dissect stories and poetry on your blog! And if you would care to write a review on amazon for me when you are done, I would be honoured! xo


      1. Thanks a lot honey D.G…
        As to the review: Yes sure… You must help me to add it at Amazon by then… I will let you know…
        Hugs , Aquileana 🙂


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