Author’s Work is Never Done


As we continue to get in our daily writing there is a myriad of other things we have to contend with in life as well as look after our social platforms.

Some of us are content to write, while many keep switching their hats daily. It’s not enough to just write if we wish the world to share out labours of love. Time is of the essence. How many of us wish that we could add just a few more hours in a day?

If our goal is to achieve exposure to our words, it is an going work in progress to keep up with our social media and marketing strategies. With the growing status of acceptability to Indie authors and the ever-growing number of books being published, it is up to us to be diligent in keeping status up to date in our strive to attain exposure. I liken it to cleaning our homes. You know that urgency that falls upon us when things are a bit unkempt and suddenly company is coming and we go on a mad dash to do a quick emergency cleaning job? But, if we did a bit each day to upkeep and maintain our home we wouldn’t have to be in such a mad rush to do everything all at once.

In our quest for exposure, we secretly wish in the back of our minds that perhaps a set of eyes from a publishing house may glance our pages. If that is the case, we can demonstrate our works on our websites and we must keep up with our followers and keep building and cherish our readers for having interest in our work. It isn’t just about accumulating followers and likes. It’s about giving good information and giving back of yourself for those who spend their own precious time reading and commenting on our works. If the content we put out doesn’t have any value or resonance, people can leave as fast as they came.


Remember to write generously, send out good posts or write about things which people can relate to or comment on. Pay it forward and who knows, maybe a certain set of eyes may someday fall upon you.


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