Today's thought


The still of our mind ascends far into flight,

When the world is asleep in the wee hours of night.


The realm of subconscious where time has no measure,

Where dreams and ideas float abundant in treasure.


With the rise of the dawn and awakening minds,

We strive to hang on to the words which we find.


Why  do profound thoughts emerge from that secret place?

In that state of serenity, in that magical phase.

D.G.Kaye  c2014


18 thoughts on “NIGHT WRITER

  1. Beautiful sweetest friend! If you find an answer to your question….please let me know! 🙂 Sending hugs and wishes for a happy week! xo❤ ~

    P.S. I *love* your blog…it’s so pretty and elegant!!


    1. You make me smile. I always look forward to your comments. And, I shall definitely keep you posted on my findings! ((hugs))


  2. Yes, magic. I love waking up in the middle of the night with an exciting dream or an idea about something I’m writing. The place where the ego and judge are not in charge.
    Sending love to you and your family,


    1. Thanks again Elaine. Isn’t it the most wonderous, mysterious magical place where we go when we sleep? Sometimes I wish I could videotape some of those journeys just to know more of where we go and take back with me some of those wisdoms which seem to disappear when we wake. 🙂


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