angel baby

You came into this world as a bundle of joy,

Praying for health, your parents cared not whether you were girl or boy.

angel wing

Frilly frocks, colouring books and dolls, a little girl’s delight,

Tender hugs and kisses comforted you when you were afraid of the night.

angel sleep


First swings then school and boyfriends as you grew,

Soon marriage and children became part of you.


Time doesn’t measure how many years have passed,

You are always somebody’s child no matter how far the future is cast.


Our hearts now in sorrow filled with worry and fear,

As we begin to sense that you may no longer be near.


With lost efforts parents beg, plead and pray,

For you to be healed, not to be taken away.


D.G.Kaye c2014




4 thoughts on “PLAYGROUND OF TIME

    1. Your English is just fine Melanie, as well as your intuition. It is merely an expression of something I am going through right now and had to release. 🙂


      1. I did guess and I did feel my Cappy intuition was right, as it rarely “betrays” me, but I just refused and avoided dropping a brick… I have 2 “old babies”, so I do get your pain… my son right now on a flight to Frisco, California and look forward to his safe landing…

        courage, strength and serenity… heartfelt feelings and lots of friendly hugs…<3


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