For My Daughter

angel baby

Fly like a butterfly my sweet Susie Q. I pray that God took you by the hand and took you with him to the world of peace, love and no more pain.

You were my step-daughter and my friend. You were your father’s daughter. You were a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend. You never questioned, angered or cried.

You lived everyday with optimism and a busy social calendar. You loved your children fiercely and you were daddy’s girl.

You never left my door or hung up a phone without saying ‘I love you’, every time we said good-bye.

Thank you for always calling me your ‘sparkly’ step-mother even though we were barely two years apart.

I will always remember you Sue for being the first one to accept me into your family. You were so happy for your father and you and I grew an instant bond.

Sue and me

I will always remember your beautiful smile, your love to laugh and I will miss our long private talks and your presence in my life. I love you Susie Q. May God Bless You. xoxoxoxoxo


36 thoughts on “For My Daughter

  1. I am very sorry for your loss. Your words are beautiful. May our Lord Jesus provide you with great and fulfilling comfort for you during this time of loneliness and grief. You are a wonderful person.


      1. You are very welcome. My words can not match the pain that I feel for you. I will be praying for you this evening.


  2. How sorry I am to hear of your loss – a loss especially inexplicable when it happens to someone so young. May this short video (please excuse the ad before it) bring courage and love to your heart.

    May these coming days fill you with strength, faith and hope.

    All my love,



    1. Thank you so much for that beautiful gesture and your thoughts and prayers. I was very touched that you sent me that beautiful music, it sounded like angels singing. You so thoughtful Carol, it really touched me.


  3. I am so sorry for your loss and I send you a big hug. God bless her and help you go on and think about the great things you did and spent together. I know you are a strong woman from all the things that you’ve been through and you’ll go on and always make the life of your beloved ones amazing 🙂


  4. Ahhh Debbie,
    I am so sorry that I have been out of commission and such a bad friend keeping up with reading!!!! I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you shared that you were going through this but I guess I didn’t realize that it was what it was. I wish that I could be there for you in a better way than just sending you cyber hugs and prayers for your family that you can find some kind of peace knowing that she is in a better place. May God send Angels to let you know just that!
    I am so sorry Deb.
    Sending Love!


    1. Thanks my dear friend Di. I know life is busy for us all and no worries, for I knew you would visit me here eventually, because you always do. Thanks for being a friend and you heartfelt prayers. xoxo


  5. Life is what we have in our hands today. It is so brief we can blink and it is gone. Death reminds us to cherish it and those we love. Though it is the worse way to be reminded of someone. My thoughts are with you.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts and wisdoms Diane. Your quote is often something I say to others when they are complaining of their woes of the world. Never take anything for granted. Enjoy the little things and don’t sweat the small stuff. Thank you my friend. xo


  6. It had been too long since I read your blogs. I’m on the road and only doing the necessities, so I fell behind when I wish I hadn’t. I’m sorry I didn’t keep better track so I would know Susie had escaped from what must have been an uncomfortable and unhappy body. I wish her all the things in your poem. So beautifully said. And I wish your husband the comfort of dreams and the two of you the closeness that’s available when Death comes close to home.
    Peace to you and may she soar,


    1. Thank you so kindly for your beautiful words and thoughts Elaine. We all tend to be so busy and it is so nice when we find the time to catch up on the reading we enjoy. Thanks for taking the time from your busy life to drop by as always.

      xo Deb


  7. What a beautiful tribute to someone you obviously loved with your whole heart. It seems clear to me that she loved you back in the very same way. I can only imagine she still feels the love between you, for it comes across as something that can transcend worlds.
    Be well.


  8. So so Sorry for your loss, I believe in Angels and I know without a doubt that she is watching over you DG.. Hugs..


  9. You have been on my mind a lot. Can you please tell me how you are doing? I’m sorry that I don;t have more to say. I hurt for you, and wish that i could take all of your pain away. You are a blessing.


    1. Thanks so much for your kindness. There are never appropriate words to say. But the prayers and thoughts have been plentiful and inspiring. We are moving on with fuller hearts. A new place is tucked in our hearts where we keep our sweet Sue. Thank you so much ETS for your thoughts and prayers. 🙂


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