7 Things You Should Not Do To A Woman. | SEX w/ Annie, Let’s Talk about Sex!


I came across this post on my friend Annie’s blog. Annie writes about women’s sexual issues, erotica and everything women. This was reblogged by an intelligent man, I.G. Malgwi, www.ganzymalgwi.wordpress.com


7 Things You Should Not Do To A Woman.

1. Don’t beat her.
2. Don’t verbally abuse her.
3. Don’t disrespect her.
4. Don’t make her feel unloved. 5. Don’t rape
6. Don’t cheat on her.
7. Don’t ignore her love languages.
Give her kindness, she’ll give you love.
Give her smiles, she’ll give you laughter.
Give her your heart, she’ll give you her life.
Give her a house, she’ll give you a home.
Give her an idea, she will give you a plan.
Treat her like a queen, she’ll make you a
Love her, and she’ll submit herself!
Sin against her and she will make your life
miserable. Agreed???

written by Ibrahim Gana Malgwi


19 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Not Do To A Woman. | SEX w/ Annie, Let’s Talk about Sex!

  1. dunno the author, never heard of, but his name does sound arabic, I presume he lives in a country where women experience and have to bear all “these” with no chance or hope of skipping away… the verb “to submit” summarizes and says it all…


  2. Don’t beat, abuse, rape. Really? Do men still have to be reminded not to do that?
    He seems to be very concerned about his own needs.
    I agree with Melanie that submit summarizes it all.


    1. Yes, I tend to agree Carol but I did post as a reminder for those who do not remember sometimes. We don’t live in a perfect world. 🙂


      1. Oh I know. And precisely why I posted. 🙂 It is angering for some to even conceive the thought that this behavior still exists, but sadly it does. And so, I’m happy to hammer the issues.


    2. I’m thinkin’ of civilization and culture differences… btw, we’ve been an European mixed couple for about 35 years… our solid couple has been based upon mutual understanding and mutual respect, dialogue and communication – from the very beginning… last but not least: our son’s gf is Taiwanese and our daughter’s hubby is American: vive la différence! 🙂

      thanx, Carol and welcome to the club of beloved, cuddled and respected ladies! 🙂


      1. thanx-merci, young lady! 🙂 it’s a question of choosing and deciding what you do NOT want (any more) in your life… as simple as “bonjour!” 🙂


  3. I have a little red car. Maybe I should put this on my bumper sticker. Should get noticed.
    This makes me someone uncomfortable. Does anyone need to be hit over the head about the subject. I suppose it helps it wasn’t written by a wife, or young woman. 😮

    I seem to miss every second post. When I get over here, there’s always another one.


    1. Hi Tess, are you getting dizzy trying to keep up? Lol 🙂 You get here eventually, that’s what counts.:) Yes, your opinion on this post is similar to a few others. It seems sad that people have to be reminded of kindness and humanity, but sadly, there are some who may need reminding.


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