Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard


This article is reblogged from an acquaintance of mine, Belinda Pollard. This is an in-depth account on why we need editors for our works to be published. The question often arises from many writers, why they need to pay an editor when they can read it themselves or have a writing friend have a look at their work for editing. There is much more involved in the process and our eyes are trained to ‘read what we know’, especially when we are too familiar with our own work. Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard. www.smallbluedog.com

Conflicted Hearts on KindleCountdown

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Just a little post here to let you all know my book Conflicted Hearts is going on promo tomorrow June 26 on Amazon for the first time on a Kindle Countdown promo. I had hesitated on re-signing for another three months exclusively on Amazon but I didn’t want to explore other distributors until I curiously gave this promo a try.

If any of you have been curious about reading my first book, Conflicted Hearts, here’s a chance to get it at a Kindle discount of .99 cents for three days only, then $1.99 for three additional days before it goes back to regular price!

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My newest book Meno-What? A Memoir is also available on Amazon, still only in ebook version. For those of you waiting for the paperback (and thanks for asking), I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival in the post for my proof copy before I hit publish on Createspace and have been informed I should have it by this Friday. So assuming everything looks good, I am hoping to have the paperback available to order by Friday June 27th. I know some of you have been kindly asking where they link was on my Meno-What? page here so you could purchase from that direct link to help me get my ‘ransom’ money out from Createspace (see this post http://wp.me/p3UZVY-Ku)  for early sales before it goes direct with Amazon, and as soon as I okay the proof for publishing I will post it here and make the link available on my Meno-What? page. Thank you all for your interest. 🙂

Read the Fine Print!


Sopimuksen, Kleingedrucktes, Stop, Stop Sign

I wanted to write a post to stress the importance of reading all the details before signing up for any promotions, products, services and booking vacations. Most of us take it for granted that whatever it is we are signing for is exactly what we expect it to be.



For example, perhaps you may be overly excited about the item you are signing your name to on a contract. This can relate to anything from purchasing a new cell phone to an agreement for services you may be applying for. In the case of the cell phone, you would need to be very cognizant of the terms you will be locked in for per say a ‘free phone’ and for services, we have to make sure that we will be getting what we paid for and if we are not, we must look for the compensations and return and cancellation policies and what we receive in return for breaking the contract. It’s no different for hiring services from an editor, a cover artist or even booking travel insurance for a vacation. We always need to read the fine print for those little clauses that aren’t covered in a policy or if we aren’t happy with a service, how we can end the agreement without having to pay the full price or how we can get reimbursed.

But today I’m going to share a little glitch I ran into when I booked a lovely week vacation for this coming fall to Arizona. I was cautious as usual when I was searching for a good deal and as a seasoned traveler, I made sure to check that all taxes and surcharges were inclusive in the price for the vacation I had chosen. There were a couple of drawbacks I wasn’t thrilled about, like no offering of transfers from Phoenix airport to the twenty mile away resort I was going to stay at in Scottsdale, but because everything was such a great deal I overlooked the approximate $150 it was going to cost to get to and from the airport. The booking was explicit in highlighted text that all other fares and taxes and surcharges were inclusive in the package price. fairmont As I was so excited about my upcoming trip I went online to peruse the beautiful resort I was booked to stay at. As I went through the lovely list of accommodations, I noticed that it said that all rooms would incur a ‘resort fee’ added to their room bill of $29 U.S. plus applicable taxes. What is this I just saw? Was that another $230 U.S I now had to the expense of added to my vacation? I know very well in the past two years U.S. hotels had begun charging this bogus ‘daily resort fee’ in hotels and I had to succumb to it but being that the trip I paid for had said everything was included, it got me thinking if that meant the additional resort fees were also included, so naturally I called the airline which I had booked my trip with and voiced my concern. I was told by a pleasant girl that the resort fees were extra and not included. I begged to differ. I told her that their website clearly states ALL TAXES AND SERVICES AND SURCHARGES were included. I was adamant and continued my speech by telling her that a major airline should not be misleading the public. We all work hard for our money and we budget for a vacation and people need to know all the costs involved.

After pleading my case for well over a half an hour and being placed on hold several times, the girl requested I send her a copy of the inclusive charges listed on the page of my booking copy. I suppose it also didn’t hurt that I mentioned to her that I was a writer and I would be only too happy to write about the injustice of this airline. I scanned and forwarded her a copy of my booking and the stated terms and within two hours I had a return phone call. It went something like this:

Girl: “Hello Mrs. Gies, I am just calling to let you know that our company does not pay for resort fees incurred by the hotel properties, but in your case we are making an exception. Please keep your receipt upon checking out from your hotel and submit it to us at this address . . .and we will promptly refund you for the extra charges.” I thanked her for rectifying the situation and suggested the airline update their page to read correctly as to not mislead the public into thinking EVERYTHING was included. I also couldn’t help but wonder why they had made an exception for me . . . could my mention of being a writer had anything to do with it?

Now, I am quite sure nobody else argued these charges or I’d have to assume the list of inclusions would have already been rectified. But the moral of the story here is READ THE FINE PRINT and if you feel justified in what you have signed for, you have nothing to lose, only to gain, by calling up the company and defending your rights.

Note: I haven’t mentioned the name of the airline because they were courteous and helpful in resolving the issue with me and I don’t wish to mar their name, but if I don’t get my refund upon my return . . . you can be sure they and you will be hearing about it again.


Update: Oh yes I did get reimbursed by the airline!


How To Think Like A Writer



I came across this great post by Carolyn Gregoire, a features editor with The Huffington Post. The article is a collaboration of some great words of wisdom and views by some famous writers on inspiration and their advice on how to develop good writing practice. Some of the advice you will find in the article:

Daydream — Joan Didion

Make Writing Top Priority — Henry Miller

Just Do It — Stephen King

Compete Against Only Yourself — William Faulkner

Find Your Creative Inspiration, Wherever It May Be — Gertrude Stein

Click the link below to read the whole article.

How To Think Like A Writer#sb=1000365b=facebook.

SAY YES! To Eggs





I wanted to share a little experiment I tried with myself. I have written several posts on health concerns and I may have mentioned a few times that because I suffer with Crohn’s disease, I follow a very careful diet. This disease had me altering my diet through the years due to many foods that I can no longer tolerate. I have missed eating eggs through the years because they were giving my stomach a bad reaction. Believe me, when something you eat can make you so violently ill … you will stay away from it.

Through the years of seeing my naturopath and going over my diet, he had told me that if I abstained from certain foods that bothered me, for a period of time, I may want to try and revisit them when my system felt stronger. Well as comforting as that sounded to me, I had the fear of eggs in me—enough not to make me curious to try out his theory. On the flip side, after going through all my blood work, he also told me that it is more than likely it was the albumen in the egg white that was most likely the culprit, not the yolk. Most people who react to immunization shots react to the albumen which is contained in many needle preparations.

I thought about my naturopath’s theory for years as I fixed my husband scrambled eggs or enviously watched him dip his toast into his runny fried eggs. But the fear remained in the back of my mind.

Many times when I am baking or dipping food in egg to batter I question myself, why I could eat those foods made with the egg and it didn’t affect me. I will note that whenever I did use eggs for ingredients, out of force of habit, I always drained out the white and only used the yolk to cook with keeping in mind my fear. I had been thinking about this egg business lately and remembering what my naturopath told me about the whites of the eggs and thinking about my use of yolks when cooking or baking.

I decided I was going to be brave and after fifteen years of abstaining from eating eggs, I made myself an egg yolk omelette with asparagus and goat cheese. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I went about my work and curiously glanced at the clock every few minutes because the pattern of the past, when I began feeling ill from something I ate, usually took effect in about 20 minutes to half an hour after ingestion. While I got busy working on my upcoming publication, I noticed almost two hours had gone by! I felt fine and I was elated. I conquered my fear of eggs and I didn’t get sick in the process.

Sometimes we have to be brave, we may have to tread lightly, but in the end, if we don’t explore, we may be missing simple pleasures we may have surrendered to forever.


Clean illegal images from your blog before it’s too late





I came across this interesting article on www.helensedwick.com about the importance of obtaining attribution for photos we download from various sites on the internet for our private use such as blogs and other social sites.

Many times we tend to assume that these photos are free to download and we sometimes forget to post their attributions. In this article we can learn that there may be serious repercussions down the road. I too will eventually be going through some of the photos I’ve used to make sure they are safe to use. In the article, Helen mentions a great site www.tineye.com, where you can download any photos you are curious about for attribution and it will generate the origin of the picture. Brilliant!


Clean illegal images from your blog before it’s too late.


ANNOUNCING—Meno-What? – A Memoir, Memorable Moments of Menopause by D.G. Kaye

I am over the moon with excitement to announce that my new book (ebook version)Meno-What?  A Memoir will be published Tuesday June 10th on Amazon. As I had numerous delays getting this book out, I anticipated the birth of it Saturday June 7th (my birthday) so we could share the date, but as we all know, we can never rely on a due date! 🙂

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NOTE: I would like to ask that if any of you would like to purchase a paperback copy to consider purchasing it direct from Createspace or here on my Meno-What? page by clicking the link that takes you directly to Createspace. The link will be available to purchase from sometime next week and I will post here when it becomes available.  For those of you who may have read my earlier post about Createspace, my royalties there are being held captive until I reach a $100 threshold before they will release my royalties. My books will be available on Amazon, but I made the error in sending family to Createspace to purchase my first book, Conflicted Hearts, as soon as it was live because they didn’t want to wait the two to three days it sometimes takes for the paperback to link to Amazon and after it was linked, my paperback sales have all come from Amazon, thus nobody any longer purchases through Createspace for me to reach the threshold for me to receive my funds. Once I reach that threshold, I will be removing the Createspace link.

Thank you all for your comments and emails, for your interest in the publication of my new book.

Smart Advice when Purchasing a Website





When purchasing a domain for your own website, there are a few things to consider. What is the purpose for the site and for how long you anticipate wanting to keep it.

Sometimes when we are starting a new venture: writing, blogging, advertising, and we eagerly sign up for a domain to have a slice of cyber real estate, we may overlook the long-range goals for that purchase. Speaking from experience here, I can tell you that when I first got my site here, I had hired a web manager to look after obtaining the domains I required and the hosting, and I didn’t know a whole heck of a lot about it. This was a costly mistake. As only us ourselves are responsible for the upkeep of our business, it only makes sense to know what is going on behind the scenes in all aspects. I got my little surprise today when I was checking my account and expiry dates for domains and services I have with Godaddy.

I wasn’t aware that when I signed up for my domains that some expired in one year and others in two years. I also wasn’t aware that when it’s time to renew THERE ARE NO DEALS. This is how these Websites get us. They offer really good prices on initial purchases and when it’s time to renew, the prices skyrocket and deals are only offered for new purchases. By this time, we are already established with our domain name and acquired followers, and it isn’t a good idea to be closing a website down and starting over, hoping all your traffic moves along with you, so we are trapped.

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased a domain and hosting, do your homework. Think about how long you anticipate wanting to keep your sites open, price out the long-term rate versus annually and figure out how many years in advance your budget will allow you to lock in for. When making new purchases YOU can decide how long you want to sign up for at the given good rate for the duration you lock in for. Believe me, it wasn’t pleasant to discover that something you may have paid $36 for annually becomes $96.

Becoming an author is not only about being a good writer. It’s about building your business, managing it and good budgeting for all the tools required to become successful. If you hire a web manager, make sure you are involved with the decisions made by them on your business so you are always in control of the status of your investments.