Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard


This article is reblogged from an acquaintance of mine, Belinda Pollard. This is an in-depth account on why we need editors for our works to be published. The question often arises from many writers, why they need to pay an editor when they can read it themselves or have a writing friend have a look at their work for editing. There is much more involved in the process and our eyes are trained to ‘read what we know’, especially when we are too familiar with our own work. Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard. www.smallbluedog.com

13 thoughts on “Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard

  1. Good share here, D.B. I think many people don’t realize how long it takes to edit and also the different types of editors. That’s partly because they’ve never edited themselves perhaps… I’m glad you shared this one, thanks!


    1. Yes Christy, I thought it was definitely worth sharing as when I began writing books, I remember questioning why it was so expensive too. Good book = good story + good editing. 🙂


    1. Oh, I don’t doubt it Mel. Especially these past few years with the explosion of independent authors, the demand has grown immensely. Also, the fact that many publishing houses have been making cutbacks, there are many freelance editors looking for work. It’s very competitive. Every author needs a good editor so we have to suck it up! 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing my post, Debby. And as an editor, I realise how much even my own writing needs editing! 🙂


    1. Happy to share your work Belinda. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how many times we revise, the human eye has the tendency to keep missing the same errors. Chalk it up to human nature. 🙂


  3. Oh boy do we need editors, I tried to do it myself and it was a disaster. I had to go back in with an editor that I could afford. My first book still isn’t perfect. But it’s much better than when I tried to edit myself. My next book is almost done. I won’t publish until I have the funds to hire a proper editor. It makes a huge difference..Thanks DG, Great post..


    1. Impossible to edit our own work professionally. We know our stories too well and sometimes only see what we expect to see. Our eyes play tricks on us. Email me if you haven’t found a reasonable editor. 🙂


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