Alas! Meno-What? A Memoir available in Paperback!


BIG NEWS!  Meno-What? A Memoir is finally available in paperback!

For those of you who have been following my struggles with Createspace, I wanted to let you all know that I have received my proof copies and have hit publish!

Thanks again for all your support and interest in the publication of my paperback version. As I mentioned that I would do in my earlier post, I have now added the link HERE and on my Meno-What? page where you can purchase the paperback copy.

Also, Createspace will be solely selling the paperback until it links it to Amazon in a few days and during these very few days, I appreciate if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy to please do so at Createspace so I can reach my threshold there and get my ‘ransom’ money out that they are withholding. Once I reach that threshold I will be removing the link to Createspace. ONLY 7 BOOKS to go and I’m out of royalty jail!

6 thoughts on “Alas! Meno-What? A Memoir available in Paperback!

    1. Lol thanks Carol, but I am still in ‘royalty jail’. I’m finding ebooks sell more than paper 😦 I’ll give it a little while and I may have to buy them myself under a new account just to get out 😦


      1. Yes, I already do that. But I buy them myself at an author price, much lower cost than the retail which is what I may have to do.


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