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I am so excited that finally there is an author event in Toronto that I have been invited to attend by the great author and entrepreneur in self-publishing, Joanna Penn of The CreativePenn.com. I subscribe to her newsletter and was elated to receive a letter she sent to her followers, informing us that she will be doing a meet and greet in Toronto, this Monday July 28th. This is exciting because she will be hosting this get together with Mark Lefebvre, the director of Kobo Writing Life, right here in downtown Toronto at Kobo’s headquarters.

This will be a great opportunity for me to meet fellow authors from around my own home town and get some great information about Kobo at a time where I am just considering expanding my distribution channels for my books. Serendipity I say!

If any of you readers are writers living here or near Toronto and would like to attend, just shoot me an email and I will ask Joanna to send you an RSVP. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the self publishing world and distribution as well as making great connections with others in the writing world. You can be sure I will tell you all about it afterward.

13 thoughts on “Kobo Meet and Greet

  1. I subscribe to Joanna Penn’s site and had received an invite from her to this Toronto event. I would surely not have missed it if I were in Toronto. She is bright and truly a star in the self publishing world. It’s a great opportunity for you not only to be in her positive energy but also to network. Keep you ears open for audiobooks. Kindle sells more of these than e-books. You might also think about expanding your market by having your books translated. Joanna Penn should have a word or two about that.


  2. Sounds great, Debby. I’m glad you’ll see a favorite author and be able to introduce yourself and your work. Have you thought of organizing an author event for your work in a local bookstore where you shop?


    1. I have actually looked into a few prospects but right now financially it isn’t feasible for me. In order to get our books in the big bookstores we have to supply them on consignment. When I order my own books they are reasonably priced but the shipping to Canada is astronomical. It makes the book’s retail value cost more than it sells for and then you have to piece off the bookstore. Then what they don’t sell comes back to me, as well as any returns. Until I’m making a steady stream of income, I’m not prepared to go that route. As for small local bookstores, there aren’t any remotely near where I live. Right now I’m holed up here in my writing world, just finished first draft of my third book which I will be entering in the computer next week for revisions, and I’m well into writing a fourth book, I am not getting time to even get and about right now. I know I said I was going to breathe a bit when my last book came out in June but I’m like a machine, lol, I don’t stop.


  3. Can’t wait to hear all about it, Debby.
    BTW, and FYI (I’m practicing my non-existent texting lol), I was three posts behind because I only received one notice you’d put something up. All caught up now. I am not ignoring you; I don’t get notification until you’ve posted two, or this time. three times with the latest one sending out the e-mail.


    1. Lol Tess, you do make me laugh. Learning texting? Kudos to you for wanting to keep up in the technical world. It is ever changing. I seem to have the same problem with certain blogs, I don’t get them to well after they are posted, but eventually I get to them as well. As a subscriber to my blog, just so you know, my posts are sent out once a week on Tuesdays, so if that is perhaps what you may be questioning, that may solve your curiousity. Because it is my own site, I can set the days I want posts to go out. I don’t like to flood people’s inbox, so I post about twice a week (3 times if there is something I must say in between), and send out on Tuesdays because it seems WordPress sends out theirs on Mondays, and that’s already enough mail for anyone. 🙂 PS I will be doing a post later this week on Kobo. If you find you don’t wish to wait for Tuesdays, please feel free to check in here whenever you get a chance. xo Thanks Tess. ❤


      1. I would have never thought otherwise. We are all so busy. I know very well what is involved with writing and keeping up and doing real life. 🙂 Eventually we get there.


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