Live dangerously. Use an adverb. | @Belinda_Pollard



Today I’d like to share a repost from my editing friend Belinda Pollard who writes lots of great tips and articles on the writing and editing process. You can find her site at

The article I’m sharing is about the ongoing dilemma of the use of adverbs in our writing. Many writers and editors will say to kill them all. But paradoxically, many of the classics have adverbs in them. In Belinda’s post she explains why they all don’t need to be killed and when it’s best to use them and when it is better to leave them out. Have a look at her link below:


Live dangerously. Use an adverb. | @Belinda_Pollard.

5 thoughts on “Live dangerously. Use an adverb. | @Belinda_Pollard

  1. I guess I’m living with an adverb deficit. On my last post “Meet Me Under the Bouganvillea” I counted only 4 adverbs and way more adjectives. Knowing how to strike a balance is the lesson to be learned here, I think. Now I’m off to read Belinda’s article.


  2. Thanks Debby! That post seems to have struck a chord with a few writers. Even I sometimes feel bullied into deleting adverbs, when they really do need to be there. Everything in moderation, as they say. 😉


    1. I agree Belinda. And yes, many here found it helpful. I feel as a writer that by slashing all adverbs it becomes almost like a gourmet recipe with no salt. 🙂


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