Hello, I Must Be Going


I’m back from my amazing adventure in Arizona! I mentioned my love for the desert here before and that I would be venturing out there early fall for a time out and a scout around to look for a winter property. I don’t usually like to announce to the universe that I’m on vacation, but I’m always happy to share my adventures upon returning.


I chose the title for this post, Hello, I Must Be Going, a title used on one of Phil Collins’ old album covers because it describes how I feel about returning home from a most amazing place—Hello I’m home, but I must get back soon to Arizona.

I always felt that “I’m home” feeling when I’d land in Las Vegas, but this was different. Something I can’t actually put into words touched my soul as I stepped into Phoenix Harbor airport and it never left me. Even as I boarded the plane to come home to Toronto, I felt as though I left my heart in Arizona (not San Francisco). I’ve been to many states in the U.S. and to many other parts of the world, but I can say with certainty, that the people of Phoenix, particularly Scottsdale, are among the friendliest people I’ve met. It didn’t matter whether they were waiters, hotel staff, gas station attendants or otherwise; happiness was everywhere.


The sun was hot, 109 degrees and no matter which direction I looked out, the scenery was breathtaking. What’s not to be happy about? Heck even the TSA security guards were joking and friendly at the airport, definitely something I never feel in my home airport. I talked to everyone I met, taking in their happiness and hopefully spreading my own joy along the way. We made some wonderful new friends, which makes it all the more fun to go back there and spend more time with them. I am sending a special shout-out to Larry and Lois in Scottsdale. I miss you guys!


We stayed at the beautiful Fairmont Princess Scottsdale hotel. I can’t recall ever loving a hotel and staff so much anywhere as I did at the Fairmont. Besides the gorgeous scenery on the grounds with its 64 acres property, the staff were impeccable, kind, friendly, obliging, fascinating, and any one of them would go out of their way to accommodate our every whim. If I tell you that those bellmen and car jockeys are unbelievably accommodating and felt like family, that would be an understatement.


Special thanks to my new friend Jerrod who always had our car awaiting us! These guys are outside all day in the sweltering desert heat running back and forth valeting cars. They are never without a smile or humor.


Is Scottsdale where all the friendly people live? Is it why they dub Phoenix Harbor airport the friendliest airport in America? The scenery only intensified the beauty of the city. I can’t even recall how many times a day I’d just stand in awe and repeat the word “beautiful” when I’d take in the views around me. The scenic desert with its wide roads and palm trees and low rise buildings and marley roofs and the cactus-lined shoulders of the roads don’t let you forget you are in a vast desert.


We rented a car from the airport and that was the smartest thing we did. Because of the lay of the land it would have made it difficult to walk to all the places we wanted to see or it could have cost a fortune in cabs. You need wheels in the desert and a half-decent car with powerful air conditioning.


We loved going down to Old Scottsdale where it was once the Old West decades ago. Many stores still try to represent those olden days of cowboy and Indian locales.



You can still find a few saloons there as well. It was down there that I purchased my first cowgirl hat(s), and yes, they came fully adorned with bling!

cowgirl bling

The hub treated himself to an authentic pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots, and we found numerous other souvenirs and artifacts to bring back home.

cowboy boots

Oh and, we had to purchase another suitcase to get all of our things home. Route 66 no doubt! Yes a lot of Route 66 souvenirs to purchase were available there. My husband chose a suitcase with Route 66 signposts splattered all over it. No doubt it was easy to spot coming off the luggage rack at Toronto airport!

route 66


On day four, we decided to leave our beautiful suite at the Fairmont and journey up to the magical, mystical land of Sedona. It was a two hour drive, north of Scottsdale. A mere hour or so just south of the Grand Canyon. Sedona is the land of the red rock mountains and the powerful energies of the four vortexes (more about these in my next post) within the town.


I think of it as a slice of heaven.


Don’t even get me started on how ridiculously stunning the views are in Sedona and along the 179 North highway driving to Sedona. But I am going to save some of that for my post next week. Stay tuned for part two.

Have you ever been to this gorgeous part of the world?

32 thoughts on “Hello, I Must Be Going

  1. Yes, I’ve been to Arizona and have some lovely paintings from Albuquerque. But if I had a choice, I’d go to someplace cool right now Being in a different environment does so much to jump start one’s batteries, clear the cache and connect new synapses. How’s that for a jumble of metaphors!

    Glad your vacation was restorative and look forward to next week’s post.


    1. Thanks Marian. I’d go right back to Arizona, lol. In fact I can’t wait until March when we will be going back. It’s a different kind of heat, dry and I love it. 🙂


    1. Good to know there are more of us!. Yes, we are aiming to have a winter home there in the next year. Unfortunately we couldn’t live there year round as we are not citizens. 😦


    1. Oh ya Deb. I had already purchased a pair of ‘saloon boots’ up in Sedona ( my weekend post, part 2), so I passed on the purple and pink cowboy boots in that store. 😦 When you walk in that store the smell of leather is overwhelming. Even now, after returning home, our boots smell like ‘new car’ leather. 🙂


  2. Beautiful, Debby. I first spent a winter in Tempe when I was five years old–for my father’s health. I spent many a winter’s break with my husband in AZ. We spent time in Phoenix area because he gave talks there, but we found what we needed near Tuscon. We rented beautiful cottages at the edge of a wildlife preserve west of the Tuscon Mountains. Sunsets were amazing. Hikes were fantastic–go to the mountains if it’s hot and stay in the desert if it’s cool. Sometimes the whole family gathered there. I also love Sedona area, but it wasn’t as warm in the winter. I first saw the Grand Canyon as a child–I remembered its magnificence the way children do, but thought when I returned as a child it wouldn’t seem so spectacular. I was wrong. Thanks for taking me back.


    1. I think it was my first visit to the Grand Canyon that captivated my love for the desert. I know what you mean about the different temps. When we were in Scottsdale is was 15 degrees hotter than Sedona. Sedona was still plenty hot at 93 degrees, but the early mornings you needed a sweater or light jacket in August! Those mountains are just so breathtaking. My post on Sedona will be added on the weekend. Thanks for your lovely story Elaine. xo


  3. Striking. Gorgeous. Gobsmacking scenery. Takes my breath away. Yes, it sure does feel like a piece of heaven. I bet the air there feels good. You look awesome in your cowboy hat and I especially like the one with all the b.l.i.n.g. Sounds like you’re going to be over-the-top happy there during our cold winters.

    Love the pictures. I like the flavor of the old west. >3


    1. Gee thanks Tess for sharing the enthusiasm! I still grieving the fact that I left there, lol. The scenery is most beautiful, that’s all I could keep saying every minute of every day I was out there. And if you think that is pretty wait til next weekend’s post on magical Sedona! 🙂


      1. Lol, big thanks as I am far from a great photographer. I think the beauty of the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂


  4. Debby, I think that it just took excessively long for me to download all your photos. But I finally got the post. Neat cowboy boots and I love your Route 66 suitcase. I also love the Arizona landscape and the energy of Sedona (not to mention all the neat jewelry!).
    Seems like you have a great plan for your future. With another winter coming up, warm climate is mighty enticing. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


    1. Thanks Carol. I’m glad you finally got a chance to read. I just love Arizona, it feels almost magical there, and don’t even get me started on the vortexes. 🙂


  5. THIS was better than a postcard! Thanks for sharing. Odd how you felt so at home huh? I love when that happens! I loved that this whole trip looked like you woke up smiling everyday! I felt as if I took a dip in your pool with ya and got to go shopping! YOU my friend, are a great story teller but then again…. duh!!!!! lol!


    1. I’m so glad you liked the pictures Di and of course it is people like you who offer your uplifting words that keep me motivated to write! xoxo ❤


      1. Thanks. I had a really busy time and I am happy to come back to one of my favorite places. Thx for the reward, but honestly I didn’t have time to do what it has to be done. I’ll do it soon and I am very honored to receive it. 🙂


      2. There seems to be a shortage of hours for all of us these days. I can attest to it! Just breathe! We are human, not machines. That’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂


      3. You’re right. We are such in the ” rush century” , but we have to remind ourselves we need some time for us and our thoughts. 🙂


  6. Oh D.G. you certainly know how to make a gal homesick, don’t you? If I could live anywhere it would be in Sedona, know those red rocks and that view well! What a lovely tribute you gave to my old state. I agree, Scottsdale people are so friendly and all the views are breathtaking. Bet that cowboy hat looks even better on you than me. Thank you for the journey back, even if it is only in my memory. Blessings,


    1. I’m so glad it made you smile. It does for me as well every time I go back and read it. One day Ellie, we will be living there. 🙂 Thanks for reading. 🙂


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