How did you write that, Adam Henig? – How did you write that?

alex haley

Adam Henig is the nonfiction historical author of Alex Haley’s Roots – An Author’s Odyssey. I reblogged this article about Adam’s process of writing and research and self-publishing journey he shared in an interview with I would also like to thank Adam again for kindly mentioning my website in this wonderfully informative interview.

How did you write that, Adam Henig? – How did you write that?.

11 thoughts on “How did you write that, Adam Henig? – How did you write that?

  1. Thank you for the link to Adam’s post, which I’ve just read. I am always enamored/intrigued with authors’ process. “I can’t afford to get writer’s block,” he says. What a resourceful guy. Persistence pays, for sure.


    1. Thanks for reading Marian. Adam is a brilliant writer. He is also responsible for introducing me to Linda Gray Sexton, coincidentally at the same time as International Book Promotions offered to interview me and asked if I knew any other memoir writers to have a double interview with.


  2. Another informative post, Debby. I loved what Adam said that listening to podcasts and blogging is la sort of Publishers Weekly. Also found it awesome that his top three blogs include yours! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Carol. Yes, I was really touched by his mention of my blog. Adam is a wonderful writer. We crossed paths last year in the cyber world and keep in touch on social media. His interview was so informative I wanted to share it. And yes, starting in the new year, I am going to work more on promoting, watching and signing up for many more podcasts, and look into doing my own later in the year. πŸ™‚


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