Vision and Verse


It’s been quite a month and I am really touched and honoured that I had been asked to do three interviews in this past month. One interview was a double interview with Linda Grey Sexton and myself with International Book Promotion , an 8 part interview with questions about writing in memoir.

The second interview was an author spotlight on me with International Book Promotion. And my latest interview here in the link below, is with author Carol Kauffman who interviews authors and artists at Vision and Verse.


Visit this link to read the interview. Vision and Verse.

15 thoughts on “Vision and Verse

    1. Thanks for reading Mandy. It’s great to be able to share our words and let others know what our writing is about. The beauty of being a writer is that we encourage and share with one another instead of feeling as though we are clouding on one another’s territory. Authors unite! 🙂


  1. Debby, that was a wonderful and personal interview. I too love Modern Family and am currently reading Linda Yellin’s What Nora Knew. I think you might like it. I also liked your advice about writing everyday, even if you don’t feel like it. You are truly an inspiration! 🙂


  2. Congratulations for all your success–hard-earned and well-deserved. Your persistence is inspiring, and I love reading about your process. As usual the past few months, I’m so behind! And you’re moving and still posting.


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