So, What’s New?


Wow! What a busy time of year for so many of us! As I plow through my never ending list of things to do, I barely have moments to write, and find myself  often in the midst of a task, doing my creative thinking. Many times I drop whatever I’m doing or wake in the wee hours of the night to write down a fleeting thought when I have a light bulb idea for my books.


Due to my chaotic life at present, my writing commitment time is suffering. This past year has definitely presented some challenges for me and with them come many reflections of the loved ones I have lost this year.


I also blogged earlier this year about plans to sell my house and rent a condo to lighten the house maintenance load for my husband as he prepares for retirement in the coming year. This was a heavy decision for me because of our difference in age, I found myself not feeling ready for this big change. Yet I know I had to get on board with it because my husband is certainly entitled to some relaxation and enjoyment after working for 53 years. Along with this decision did come the fringe benefits. We will be in a position next year to be able to get out of the cold for the winter months, a huge consolation.


My husband is the kind of guy who can’t sit still and is always looking for something to do or fix. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught him shoveling snow or laying new grass and digging holes in the garden or CLIMBING A LADDER at almost 77 years old! I will no longer have to spy on him to catch him in motion doing these things with a bad shoulder and leg and will no longer have to come down hard on him for it. My worries will lessen and by next Christmas we will be snowbirds! We will be moving January 3rd 2015, in the dead of winter and by January’s end we shall be on a plane to Florida for a 2 week cruise.


My husband is counting down the days, while I cannot even see that far at this point, as much has to be done before the long awaited break from 2014 happens. We had planned to go to Arizona in March, but after searching with the help of our friends in Arizona, we couldn’t find any available rentals, as they were long booked by many more Canadians and superbowl fans. Arizona is hosting the annual superbowl this February, along with many other sporting events. It seems with every other person I talk to here that Arizona is a popular destination choice by many Canadians. So, we will go back there in late April and get a head start on booking plans for the following winter.

For now I am cleaning off my plate of duties. My home was sold in one week, thankfully, as I dislike the comings and goings of strangers in my home, not to mention, keeping it in ‘show condition’, with most of my possessions hidden so well, that even I couldn’t remember where I put half of my things. My days are filled with packing and running back and forth to the new place to meet workers for renos. I am not new to renos or home depot. I especially hate finding that there is always something else we need or forgot at each visit to the depot and have to go back there repeatedly for one thing or another.

To top things off, my husband is having eye surgery this coming week. This not only entails the two pre-op visits last week to a pretty far away hospital, but surgery day and two more post-op visits. On our last visit, we were told my husband cannot lift anything until after Christmas! I said, “Wow, how convenient,” as I now have zero help lifting things and boxes around the house. But, in late December, thankfully, some family members will be stepping up to the plate to help take some truck loads of our things over to the locker to lighten the load for moving day.


On a happier note, November was a month that I was invited to be interviewed by some talented authors and bloggers – five in total! I was so honoured to be recognized by them. You can find those posts and interviews here: AlanaMunroauthor WhenWomenInspire LaAudaciadeAquiles. My friend and author, Deborah Jay will be showcasing my newest book this coming week on her blog and a Christmas interview I did with VisionandVerse with author Carol Ann Kauffman, will be posted closer to Christmas.

sale new


I’ll leave you with a heads up, my newest book, Words We Carry, will be on sale starting today, Saturday, November 22, for one week on #Kindlecountdown. Now, you’ve all heard me bitch before about Amazon only doing this promo for the U.S. and U.K., intermittently. After sending them endless complaints about this, I can only hope that they will consider opening up this sale world-wide in the new year. I mean, sheesh, what is this the stone age?



And how’s your day?

23 thoughts on “So, What’s New?

  1. You always make me smile and laugh. Honestly Debby I don’t think you would have it any other way, being so busy. Good luck with the move and your hubby’s surgery. I look forward toseeing and speaking to you soon.


  2. How do you do it all – those interviews and keeping up with blogging and Face-booking where I often find you.

    So you are moving to Florida. Did you know we live in Jacksonville? There are other similarities: a 70+-old-old husband who also climbs ladders to fix things and a mind abuzz at odd hours. RIght now I have a collection of sticky notes to translate to a book review on Riffle and another blog post. Also, my siblings and I have moved the contents of Mother’s house in PA and had a closing this week. I definitely understand the strain of it all.

    We have much to be thankful for though. Here’s praying your husband’s eye surgery goes well next week.


    1. Thanks so much Marian for your kudos and sharing. But no, I’m not moving to Florida, just going there late Jan. for a well-deserved vacay. We downsized our home in order to begin spending winters in Arizona. We’ll be going there in spring to stay for awhile and figure out where we will be renting for the winter of 2016. 🙂


      1. so Arizona, here we come in the winter… even though Florida was closer to Canada… 🙂 stay healthy, good luck and quick recovery to your beloved hubby! cheers, Mélanie


    1. Yes, I need roller skates to keep up with him. But no, the condo is here in Toronto. We sold our house to enable us to travel freely. 🙂


  3. You are busy, busy, busy, but I hope you have a smile through most of it, Deb! I am so glad we got to do the guest post and that your book is receiving wonderful attention across the web! Keep being the spectacular woman we love!


    1. Just popping in to check my blog and of course I find sweet Christy here! Thanks for your kudos and encouragement, and yes, of course I’m wearing my smile. 🙂 ❤


    1. Lol, sorry to put you to sleep. 🙂 Yes, thanks, surgery went well, and today I’m hope trying to catch up on 2 missed days of packing. With any luck, I’ll get to watch a little Thanksgiving footballs in between packing boxes. Woohoo! ❤


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