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I am so honoured to have befriended Diane, Coastal Mom from OnethingIknowforsure, a talented writer getting ready to launch her first book, long overdue. Diane was one of the first bloggers I made friends with when I began my first WordPress blog. We are kindred spirits so to speak. Diane has read all of my books and has written lovely reviews on them as well.

I wanted to share this latest review from Diane on my latest book Words We Carry, as I was so happy that she caught the essence of my stories about how relatable this book is for younger girls who may be going through or have gone through the teasing and feelings of low self-worth as I did.

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I just now finished “Words We Carry” and wanted to come here and write a review while it was still fresh on my mind. But it is actually the kind of book that you will draw from as needed in different circumstances as the occassion may arise.
It is a journey through this author’s life, describing the effect that words have had on her. And it really makes you think twice. It helps you kind of re-evaluate your own life and agree with a lot of the points she brings up and has you feeling not so alone in your own journey.
D.G. Kaye makes you feel as if you are sitting at her kitchen table, just having a friendly conversation about “life” and experiences we have as women. I wish I’d read “Words We Carry” in my twenties! She makes you think that other people think and feel and have had the same experiences as you. She talks about abuse and red flags, jealousy and lonliness. It is empowering and real and was timely for me, since I just quit a job of ten years and am beginning a new one next week! A great gift for young girls just moving away or someone like me who has already lived a half a century, and am starting a new job! Thumbs up on this one!I am becoming an avid fan of D.G. Kaye books!Can’t wait for the next one.

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    1. Thanks Marian. It’s always lovely to find a great review by surprise. Diane is lovely, she was one of my first blogging friends I met when I joined WordPress. I love her writing.


    1. Thanks so much Carol. And yessssssss, I certainly have! In fact I added it to my ‘review’ page here on my Menu ‘Words We Carry’. I was elated that you had read my book, and that you left me a wonderful review. And, alas, I am starting your new book this coming week! 🙂


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