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I have been advertising with Goodebooks this past year and have been quite pleased with this site and it’s owner/manager Riley Geddings. He is always so kind and helpful and keeps his authors abreast of upcoming and new ad spots available that he thinks they may be seeking. This site is wonderful for authors and readers alike as there are a plethora of books for readers to choose from at free or discounted rates.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a new webpage added to this site when it came to my attention in an email that Riley was putting together a Top Ten author list for his site to recognize authors for their work, not in particular because they have produced a best seller. Needless to say, I was elated to find my own name and book Words We Carry chosen in his top ten. Below is a copy of his introduction page:


Welcome To The Top 10 Authors Page !

We have currently certified the authors on this page as “The Top Ten Authors on GOOD EBOOKS”. From time to time, we, at GOOD EBOOKS run across exceptional authors and we believe they should be recognized ! That is why we have created this webpage. Normally authors get recognized for being “Best Sellers”, or perhaps because their book is made into a movie, or maybe they are celebrities. That’s great, they certainly do deserve a lot of credit and a few of our author friends fit into one or more of those categories. We, at GOOD EBOOKS, have our own criteria to determine if we believe an author has what it takes to be in the Top Ten ! We hope you, as a reader, will review these authors, check out their writings, and see if you agree with us. However, we have the advantage of a close relationship with most of them ! We are proud of all our author friends who we have helped, and 10 of these currently fit into our Top Ten ! To be fair, as time goes by, we will exchange authors in the Top Ten. Feel free to post any part of this webpage content, and any image as well ! Contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions ! Thank you, and I wish you “pleasant reading” from all of us at GOOD EBOOKS.



Please do click on the link below to see the top ten books and many more below that Riley has picked.

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