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Thank you to my esteemed fellow author and friend Carol Balawyder for this lovely review on my newest book Words We Carry. I am humbled by your ongoing support of my writing and for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to read and review my book. Carol is the author of a beautiful memoir about love and loss, Mourning Has Broken and she is also writes novels. Her latest novel, Getting to Mr. Right is a great read about women seeking the perfect relationship with all it’s ups and downs and deceptions.


How to Boost Your Self-Esteem? Read this Book. December 8, 2014


Format:Kindle Edition
In her introduction D.G. Kaye says “I wrote this book to share the negative experiences and obstacles I’ve encountered in my own life. I have tracked my own insecurities and the self-esteem issues of my past in an effort to recognize and conquer the negative image I had of my youth…all so I could finally learn to love myself.” Anyone who has read her previous books knows that you can count on D.G. Kaye to be open and candid and in her own words, “baring my raw self to the world.” Her honesty and transparency makes for a book that allows the reader to relate with the yearnings in all of our hearts and souls to be our true selves. This is a book that ought to be on parents’ and educators’ to read and re-read list: “…words linger much longer than physical wounds. The damage done to our delicate egos, especially when we’re small, stays with us through the rest of our lives.” What is comforting is that D.G. offers sound advice on how to repair our damaged egos and take care of our sense of self. She provides concrete examples of her own life and how she conquered her fears. “If we don’t take responsibly for our own choices, we can become ruled by someone else’s power. This results in us giving up pieces of our own identities to satisfy the whims of someone else, leaving us with little self-esteem…Everyone has something beautiful to offer.” This time around, D.G.Kaye has this beautiful book to offer. Mourning Has Broken Getting to Mr. Right Missi’s Dating Adventures Mourning Has Broken
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16 thoughts on “Review Words We Carry

  1. A wonderful review! I enjoyed Debby’s “Conflicted Hearts” so much, and I can tell “Words We Carry” will be in the same voice–authentic and down-to-earth. I will make it a point to add this to my Must Read list!


    1. Thank you so much Mandy for sharing your comment here about my book Conflicted Hearts. As always, my books are told through my own POV but full of lessons. 🙂


  2. How wonderful that you got this review, Deb! So proud of you – and I know your book is always going to do great because it covers an issue that so many people look for guidance in! I am saying ‘way to go’!!! 🙂


  3. Your productivity never ceases to amaze me, Debby. Congratulations on this lovely review. I wonder what you’ll do next.


    1. Thanks again Elaine. Well, the loss of my mother and the packing and getting ready to move in a few days has eaten up much of the past two months. I had almost finished writing my fourth book which will now be delayed at least until spring for publishing and the better part of next year will be spent completing the sequel to Conflicted Hearts. That’s an update, lol. 🙂


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