Cruising – Day 1

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Many of you know that I recently returned from a beautiful Caribbean vacation. After a long year, the trip finally crept up quickly. I was barely done unpacking everything into our new home and I was already scrambling to find my summer clothes to get packed for my trip.

We flew to Miami to spend a  few days there, and of course do some shopping before setting sail on our cruise. We went with our friends Gary and Lynn whom we met on a prior cruise four years ago. The two men had met at the pool, drawn in by a common thread. . .they were both wearing Toronto Maple Leaf hats. Four years later, we are still cruising together, soaking up rays and sharing lots of laughs.


Our cruise used to leave out of Fort Lauderdale on a Saturday, but this year it was changed to a Sunday -Superbowl Sunday that is, leaving out of Miami. I happen to be a huge NFL fan and one of my favourite teams is the New England Patriots. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that my boys were going to the bowl!

Every year for the past five or six, the Superbowl is on while we’re on the ship. The theater is set up to watch it on a huge movie screen, complete with bar service and a hot table set up. One can almost feel as though they are right at the game. This time it was the first time the Bowl was being played on the same day we boarded the ship. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough time for the cruise line to empty prior passengers, embark the new ones, prep the ship for a new sailing and get the theater ready for the Superbowl – but they did!

We boarded around noon, ate some lunch and went to our cabins to get settled. Around 3:30pm we had to attend the mandatory muster drill by reporting to our designated area for instruction in case of emergency – something nobody likes to think about. But even after years of cruising, I’m grateful that Celebrity adheres to those rules, rules that the passengers of the Costa Concordia must surely have wished they had.


At 5:30pm I was sporting my Patriot shirt with my Patriot napkin in one hand and a dirty martini in another, ready to go secure my spot in the theater. The game was action packed and close until the end. At one point when we were losing I had to exit the theater and go look in some store windows to calm my nerves and when I returned to the theater, it was a great moment when I caught them scoring. Once again there was hope my Pats were going to win. Every time they scored I’d get up, do a jig and wave my napkin around in delight.The theater was divided into two sections – Patriot fans and Seahawk fans, so I felt safe doing my happy dance in my appropriate section.


It was a wonderful day. And the Pat’s victory had only made it that much sweeter. After the game I celebrated with a few more martinis and it was off to my cabin for some well-needed shut-eye so I could wake early to secure my ‘good spot’ on the sundeck for the first full day at sea. After being on that ship three times prior, we had our designated area where we liked to soak up rays with no obstructions, free to turn the chairs with the sun’s direction as needed.

I thanked the universe for a wonderful day and was rocked gently to sleep.

23 thoughts on “Cruising – Day 1

      1. I am 😦 lol. Apparently I came home in time to get out of the Miami cold. In fact, the last 2 days at sea once we headed from the Caribbean to the Atlantic got quite cool. 🙂


  1. Sounds wonderful – with the Patriot’s win and all! Woohoo! I think that’s very cool that a couple who you met on a previous cruise are now your travelling buddies 🙂 I love that you’re taking us through your trip!! ♥


  2. I am so glad you had a wonderful time. That picture of you is Fabulous. After all you had been through in the months and weeks before a well deserved vacation is just what you needed. Hugs!! 🙂


    1. Thanks Annie girl, one of my biggest advocates! It’s your turn girl. You will get fixed up and have your Florida! I only hope it warms up for you!! xo 🙂


  3. So cool, Deb! ~I love your pic with the T shirt…. You are the Patriots’ Diva from the Cruise… BTW The Costa Concordia wasn’t the ship of the tragedy in Italy… Oh… And if yes, Didn’t it make you feel unsafe?… Love & best wishes, Aquileana 😀


    1. Hi Aq. Thanks for the fashion compliment lol. Yes, I believe it was the ship. And no, I feel safer on Celebrity ships than any airlines! 🙂 xo


  4. Your Cruise sounds just what you were in need of Deb.. and you are looking great by the way.. I meant to say that upon your magician post LOL..
    I remember a holiday we had in Cyprus.. we met the most fantastic couple there whom we all hung out together while on holiday.. One of the best holidays made special by special people..
    And glad you got to watch the Superbowl too 🙂
    Hugs Sue


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