An Almost Book Cover Award


Just a quick post to display my new badge I was awarded by The Book Designer – a.k.a. J.F. Bookman.

Every month he opens for submissions newly published book covers by authors. I entered my latest book, Words We Carry and was so close to winning for best nonfiction cover of the month of January. The nominees selected are given a Gold Star and from that shortlist one is selected. There were 3 in my category and although I didn’t win, I was honored to be positively critiqued by JF Bookman and offered a badge to show that I was nominated.


If you’d like to click on the link below and see how the process works by J.F. please do so and have a look at some of his comments regarding photos, fonts, feel for a book, etc.


18 thoughts on “An Almost Book Cover Award

    1. Thanks Adam. Yvonne Less from did my cover in collaboration with me. I am involved in the theme and concept of all my covers. I get an idea of what I want my cover to represent and the elements in them. I search for possible pictures the artist can use which saves her a lot of time and eliminates a lot of preliminary ideas starting from scratch. We work well together. She brings my ideas to life.


    1. Coming from one of my biggest cheering sections, lol. I am humbled at your belief in me Di. Thanks for always being so supportive and your uplifting seems to come at opportune times. xo ❀


  1. Congratulations for Words We Carry (a great title, BTW) and the honor of being nominated. The cover is excellent. I think we’re both learning to take the encouragement when it comes and realize we won’t get everything we want. But we might get a few things we never expected. Go Debby!


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