Writers Cheat Sheets: February 2015 – The How-to of Revising



A lot has been said for how to go about editing our work. Every writer seems to develop their own style and habits for revisions. As I am currently in the process, once again of revising my newest book, I found this article timely, with some good reminders.

Note the golden rule that many of the greats will adhere to when it comes to revising our work. “Don’t stop and edit while revising.”

One great point on this post is:

When ready to do the first edit, a good way to break the enjoyment cycle (that is, being creative) is by printing a hard copy of the entire manuscript. That’s right, you don’t work on the computer for this step because you want to read the work like a reader, not the creative author. You want to look at each word and hear how it sounds, how the narrating voice on the page sounds, how the characters’ voices sound. You want a symphony, not off-key kazoos.”


Writers Cheat Sheets has a succinct list here in the link below that will guide you with some good tips on what to do and what not to do. Click the link below to read more:


Writers Cheat Sheets: February 2015 – The How-to of Revising.

19 thoughts on “Writers Cheat Sheets: February 2015 – The How-to of Revising

  1. I’ll check it out. Reading from a paper copy is always a step in my editing process. It’s amazing how mistakes jump off the paper as opposed to the computer screen.


  2. I’ve started printing out hard copies and have asked my husband to have a once-over of the first draft. Amazing how we are blind to our own mental leaps and simple, clerical errors. Also, I’ve starting reading the mms. aloud. The ear can hear what the eye can’t see. Great post!


    1. You’re on the right path Marian. And isn’t is funny though when we read aloud, which is highly recommended, what our ears can catch? All good signs my friend. 🙂


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