Is There Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing?


Many times we find ourselves daydreaming about being somewhere else, sometimes anywhere except the place that we reside in. Sure everyone loves to dream about the ‘What ifs’. What if I won a lottery? What if I could live anywhere in this world I so chose? What if {insert your fantasy here}.

On my recent vacation to the Caribbean, I was fortunate to be able to spend the day with my brother and sister-in-law in St. Kitts. St. Kitts was one of the many ports my ship docked at and Rory and Katy are fortunate enough to be out of the damning cold winter, snowbirding in St. Kitts.

We had preplanned our getting together and spending the day together for when we docked there. So we met up at the fabulous port in front of the designated store we chose to connect at.

st kity 3 of us_wm-1 new


It had been well over five years since I had last visited that island. I was delighted to find how much more they had begun to develop the island. The port was beautiful to look at and had a multitude of duty-free stores built. In fact, I could have had no problem spending the better part of the day shopping in the port alone, only mere yards away from where our ship docked.

st kitt port

It was a gorgeous hot and sunny day. We had two of the best island tour guides in Rory and Katy as they have spent a lot of time there through the years, and years before that, Katy had lived on that island.

My brother drove us around the island, showing us various points of interest, especially a paradise area where they are contemplating buying a villa (pictured below). From his interest in real estate there, my brother has made some influential contacts and friends which afforded us the opportunity to spend a beautiful afternoon at a private clubhouse resort.


villa vue

We spent the afternoon at this magnificent paradise, secluded away from what I felt was civilization. The grounds were impeccable with the palm trees almost strategically located so as to allow one to catch some rays, yet not swelter from the heat with the shade and breezes they provided. The pool was so gratifying with the perfect temperature to cool our bodies. Before you entered the swimming pool, there was an ankle-deep wading pool which led to the swimming pool where rested some beach chairs to take in the sun, enabling us instant access of the water to splash ourselves when necessary. The edge of the swimming pool flowed into a trough below and a few yards past that was the Caribbean ocean.

st kitt

st kitt paradise

The whole experience was breathtaking. Katy and I walked down a little grass path just passed the trough in front of the ocean. The ocean sparkled in the hot sunlight, displaying its various shades of turquoise. The view was spectacular and commanded one to just stand there and take it all in. Katy and I chatted about the possibility of them buying a property on the island in that particular area.

st kitt view

With all the stillness and serenity of what I was seeing, I tried to visualize myself living there. Surely this paradise would make a perfect writing haven. Then I began to wonder if perhaps after a few months of the quiet, would I begin to get bored?


I posed that question to Katy while we gazed at the ocean. I asked, “Could there be too much of a good thing? I questioned her about whether or not she could live a slower pace of life with not as much to do on an island. I thought about the perks of living there: sunshine, warmth, beauty, lots of writing and reading time, but would that be enough for me?


Some people get bored easily. Some need action around them. And many enjoy the quiet solace of being alone.  I think I’m somewhere amongst those. I told Katy that I could have no problem staying on that island for a long time, but I wasn’t sure I could live there. But it’s easy to judge and make premature decisions before we experience the full action.

When I questioned Katy about if she were to live there sheltered from the hustle and bustle, would the thrill of the solace eventually wear off, I thought about the quiet seclusion. I don’t think I took into consideration that life is what we will make out of it. Sure the lifestyle is lighter than our North American life as we are used to it. But I think if I actually made a home there, eventually I’d build some roots, maybe establish some of my own book clubs, jaunt over to a close by island for some new entertainment, and I’m sure have plenty of my winter relatives visit.

So in conclusion, in answer to my own question, I don’t think that it would be too much of a good thing at all.


©D.G. Kaye,, 2015

35 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. This was a beautiful post that momentarily took me out of the cold dreary weather here and fantasize about living in sunshine and warmth – at least during the winter months. Doesn’t sound that bad at all! 🙂


    1. Glad I took you away if only for a short time Carol. After our long brutal winter, any kind of sunshine is a treat. Although I’d like to spend more time there, I have to tell you that my heart is still in Arizona and I’m excited to say that we have already booked a beautiful condo there for two months next winter! 🙂


    1. This is so true Diana. That is why I posed the question. Is what we think we want, what we really want? It brings to mind an old cliché . . . The grass always looks greener on the other side. ❤


  2. I am attached to my surroundings, but thinking about what comes next. It’s not practical to live alone where I live and it’s isolated in the winter. But with the snow melting, I don’t want to leave. Very quiet here and I need the quiet for writing. You seem so good at balancing many things at once. Not my skill! Your tropical vacation looks absolutely gorgeous.


    1. I can appreciate where you’re coming from Elaine. As for me, I do get bored easily, not in my work, but my surroundings. I’m still partial to my Arizona and thankfully, I will be spending next winter there. 🙂


  3. I love my solitude, Debby, and I would certainly love it more if I could have surroundings like in your photos. Those are glorious to look at! And you look so happy and relaxed!


      1. I want hustle and bustle–in my head. When I’m faced with it I want to crawl under a table! You are much more social than me–that’s a good thing!! 🙂


  4. Beautiful post, loved your views, and for me I could easily live with nature, alone, and content with my own company.. I often seek my own space.

    Thats why I so love travelling when I do get a chance.. For everywhere seems so idealistic in the Sun..

    You made me think! would I miss England and all our Rain! 😉 lol..
    Have a great weekend Deb


    1. It’s always easy to think we’d like to be somewhere else, but the question will always be, is the grass always greener? 🙂


  5. Beautiful post… And so nicely penned, I love the descriptions… ❤
    I am with you: "Life is what we will make out of it".

    Have a great weekend D.G… Best wishes! Aquileana 😀


  6. This post reminds me of Sonia Marsh’s island experience that she writes about in Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island. You may have heard of it – even ready the book.

    No, I don’t think you have have too much of a good thing – especially if you’re a writer! Nice post, Debby.


  7. Like you say – life is what you make of it. This looks like a glorious place to live, and in these days there is little difficulty with going other places if you want a change, or setting up your own diversions – like a book club. Sounds like heaven to me 😀
    I am currently in my little slice of heaven – the Scottish Highlands. Cold, yes, and my house is in the middle of a farm, 2 miles from the nearest village, with only cows for neighbours, but I love it!
    Oh, and while I’m here I’m giggling my way through Meno-What? So much I recognise in there 😉


    1. Deb, your life seems grand! Sure, we all have our little pitfalls in our environments, but it makes us wonder when we are somewhere else if we aren’t just taken in by the moment with difference or whether or not we could really adjust somewhere else. And oh, I’m touched you are reading my book in your busy schedule. 🙂 ❤


      1. A couple of my friends made the move to Greece after holidaying there, and they’ve really struggled to fit in, though they have both stuck it out. Something to do with burning bridges…
        When we bought the first house up here in the Highlands, we bought a cheap place to renovate while we tested the waters, so to speak. After 6 months to a year, you get an idea of whether it’s really going to work for you. I’d recommend that to anyone, rather than just taking the plunge, unless you’re absolutely sure.


      2. Now that is very wise advice! Absolutely, we shouldn’t throw ‘all of our eggs in one basket” 😉 PS I’m happy to report I am reading Desprite! Only a few chapters in and reading two other books simultaneously, but enjoying yours for relaxation. So bear with me until I finish for a lovely review. 🙂 Cassie is a delight to follow. And relaxation is hard to come by 🙂


      3. Thank you! Her stories are fun to write – and I know how hard it is to find relaxation too, life is pretty stressful just now, so reading a fun book is a good antidote.


      1. Yes, that’s a nice option. I really don’t think I could live there full time. “Too much of a good thing.” 🙂


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