28 (Better) Things No One Tells You About Publishing | Scott Berkun


As I was reading through my many publications I subscribe to, I came across this interesting post by Scott Berkun called 28 Things No One Tells You About Publishing.

This post has been reblogged quite a few times, as I have seen it reblogged on other articles I have read. No doubt! It’s a great article about the writing business, beneficial to newbies and older writers alike.


Here is just one of his statements that made me feel better about my own writing .  . .

“Some books, like The Great Gatsby or Moby Dick, don’t become popular until decades after publication.”


28 (Better) Things No One Tells You About Publishing | Scott Berkun.

19 thoughts on “28 (Better) Things No One Tells You About Publishing | Scott Berkun

  1. I hadn’t read this one… until now! I noted the point in the article about learning to take feedback well. That is something that took me a while to do – I still sometimes struggle with it but I’ve gotten a lot better at it 🙂 Nice share!


  2. This is the first time I read this article. The takeaway I get from it is that as a writer you have to take responsibility for your career. No one is going to do it for you. Real writers write and not only dream of being a writer. Not all of writing is writing – sometimes it’s about marketing and promoting and being a business minded about your writing. Thanks for sharing it, Debby. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you took the meat out of this post Carol. As self publishers, we know that it’s important to be writing first, but we still have to get our work noticed. I’m glad you took something from it. 🙂


  3. No wonder I’ve seen some impressively awkward writing in bestsellers: the editors aren’t really editing.

    “Fame will likely ruin your writing or your life.”
    In blogging, too? =)


      1. I don’t consider myself famous, by the way. I well know there are bloggers with larger readerships. Just wondered if I should try and dodge it on WP down the line. 😉


      2. I wouldn’t worry about it Diana, readers enjoy your blog for all your honesty and integrity with your writing. I wouldn’t worry about dodging or changing anything. Those who follow you are there by choice and the numbers grow on their own. Fame isn’t always something people strive for, sometimes it just happens. 🙂


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