The Demise of Derek Shepherd of #Grey’s Anatomy


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I don’t often get attached to TV shows, but if there’s one show I have been a faithful fan of since its inception eleven seasons ago, it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never missed a single episode and have often watched many episodes over and over again.

Grey’s is a medical series based on, not only the ailments and trauma of incoming patients, but mostly about the lives and relationships of the doctors in the show. The series depicts some of the real emotions that doctors experience, and sheds a lot of light on compassion and true friendships. As an avid fan of Grey’s, I am one of the millions of viewers who empathizes with these characters. I feel as though they have been my Thursday night friends for over a decade. I’ve watched them grow and suffer many things that life can throw at all of us. There is barely an episode where I haven’t gone through many tissues.

Throughout the series, the show has lost some key characters by being written out of the show. These decisions, of course, are based on the writer’s decisions and sometimes, the characters themselves choose to move on to new projects in their lives. These are very sad times for all dedicated Grey’s fans. Many of us viewers take these losses as almost personal, as though we’ve lost a good friend.

Some of the exits in the show were written out as a character moving to another location, who we could expect to still at least make guest appearances. Others were killed off, leaving a sad taste behind for the fans. In the latest episode, one of the lead, main characters, Dr. Derek Shepherd, was killed off, UNEXPECTEDLY. He is affectionately known as Dr. McDreamy because of his handsome looks and for his boundless compassion.

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During that episode, Derek was helping victims of a car crash that happened in front of him while on his way back home to Seattle to be with his family, after an absence out of town on medical business. The whole episode was very emotional and heartwarming with Derek helping the injured victims. But the last ten minutes, after rescuing the injured and sending them off into an ambulance, then getting back into his car, rocked the world of Grey’s fans. This was the part us Grey’s fans all hated. . .an unexpected moment when Derek was at death’s door.

I found the incident leading to Derek’s death, a little unbelievable. Besides the enormous sadness that came over me, I found the decision to write Derek off by having him do a stupid thing, a little cheesy for all he stood for, and to be his exit. Derek wanted to call his wife, Dr. Meredith Grey, and tell her what had transpired. He first got in the car which was parked on the desolate highway the accident took place on, made a semi-Uturn, leaving his car perched between his lane and the oncoming lane, and he stayed there for a moment — only a moment, while he reached down between the seats to search for his phone that had fallen during his sudden stop to avoid the accident.

Do I really need to tell you what happened next? Well, of course, an oncoming truck appeared in that moment, and in a split second, Derek was as good as dead. That’s what he got for helping strangers, then for doing something so stupid that unfortunately, too many people are doing these days — paying too much attention to their cell phones while driving. An expensive lesson, and Lord knows, a doctor should have known better.

Sure, there was a message there, but regardless, I think it was a cheap way to knock of one of the main characters of MY SHOW. Derek deserved better than that. And, I’m so very sad that another member of my Grey’s family has passed. I have only the sadness to watch future episodes now, watching Meredith and all others grieve for the loss of Derek Shepherd.

Greys powerful

It seems the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, is taking a lot of public heat for killing off Derek. At this point in time I feel angry at her too. But as a writer, I can understand that there can be underlying circumstances for their decisions, and in that capacity, I have to accept those decisions. But it doesn’t mean I have to like them.

Some may say, “It’s only a show,” but isn’t the whole point of creating a show and keeping its longevity because we learn to identify with the characters and consider them friends?

R.I.P. Derek Shepherd


Are any of you Grey’s fans?


D.G. Kaye©April 2015

36 thoughts on “The Demise of Derek Shepherd of #Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy here in the UK when it first came out.. but since it swapped channels I have not watched for several years.. Sad to here Derek was killed off this way Deb.. Many thanks for the update.. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday .. 🙂 Sue ❤


    1. Hi Sue. Yes, it was a shocker, and sad. That show has so many life lessons, and I never missed an episode. I suppose you could always get the DVD’s like I also have. 🙂 Happy Tuesday to you too my friend. 🙂 ❤


  2. What????I didn’t know! I haven’t watched the show the last couple of seasons but this is a shocker. I’m still trying to recover from when they killed off George!


    1. My gosh Mandy, there has been so much more heartbreak, long after George’s passing. Two doctors will killed off in a plane crash last year as well. 😦 Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  3. OKAY YES! I was totally in shock when the episode ended – I mean, I didn’t see it coming!! A few days later I saw my mom and we talked about it,,, she couldn’t believe it either! I can’t believe the show will go on without him! Woah, really good writing though in that show!


    1. Yay Christy! So glad I have someone to mourn with over this colossal loss! Two hour special Thursday . . The Funeral. Get the Kleenex ready! 🙂


      1. Christy I was so disappointed. Derek’s funeral got 3 seconds of coverage. Really???? A very bizarre episode spanning one year and poor Derek is already the past. I’m not impressed. Total let down. I’m glad Derek left Mer another child, but that’ about it. 😦


    1. It is Malcolm. It is also about compassion and the characters are always having to confront issues in their own lives that many of us can identify with. 🙂


  4. I love the show but hadn’t watched this episode…. Now, I don’t even want to watch it 😛 Very sad, sigh! … Very well penned dear D.G…. An intriguing post, indeed!.
    Have a great week and all the best to you! Aquileana ⭐


    1. Oops, sorry for spoiler alert :(. I’d be interested in your take if you do watch it. 🙂 Thanks for reading sweet Aq! ❤


  5. HI,
    I shared your post. My husband is in mourning over Derek’s loss. I love Scandal and thought she killed Jake the same week. I found it odd she killed Dempsey. Did they have a fight? He was too loved to kill off.
    I saw you shared my post on Google +. Thank you so much for all your support.


    1. HI Janice! Thanks for reading. Tell your hub he’s not alone. A terrible knock off of a main character. I’ve heard rumours Dempsey was acting like a Divo, so he got the axe. Who knows what to believe but it sucked. And the 2 hour episode last week gave Derek’s funeral all of a 3 second coverage. I’m done after 11 seasons of being faithful, and judging by the mutterings, so are many others. It’s time to end the show 😦
      And I love your blog, chock full of good info and always happy to share helpful stuff for others to learn. 🙂


      1. I tried in the beginning. There was something I just couldn’t get into with that show, sorry I can’t offer feedback on it. 🙂 I do have a few friends who are obsessed with it though. 🙂


  6. Hi,
    Too bad we can’t talk about Scandal. Oh well. On a personal note, I sense you must have a lot of friends. You have a great personality.
    Did you see Derek’s death on Grey’s made the cover of People Magazine? At least in the sidebar. It said he and Rhimes had a fight. I read something about fans wanting to get up a petition to bring him back.
    Thanks for visiting my site today.


    1. Yes, I saw Derek’s demise in a lot of places. I heard people want him back, as do I. Certainly me and your hub aren’t the only ones disappointed, lol. My beef about the whole thing is that it was a stupid death, unexpected, from his accident to his death was given ten whole minutes, and the following episode gave him 2 seconds funeral time. The most ridiculous part is that the show has always played out just as people would do and react to situations in real life. This whole Derek thing is just stupid! Seriously? Derek is dying in some ‘other’ hospital, Meredith goes to him, and doesn’t hesitate to pull the plug without consulting Derek’s sister Amelia, a brilliant neurosurgeon. Consequently, last night’s episode dealt with just that, and supposedly a year later (stupid again.) Amelia chewed Meredith out for not calling her to see if there was a chance to save him, rightly so. But a year later? (And last week’s episode spanned a year, stupid again.) Lol, sorry to be ranting here, but you got me started again. I think that episode was hated by many not only for killing off Derek, but most definitely for how unrealistically it was played out. Thanks for your ear Janice, and btw, I thoroughly enjoy your blog! 🙂


    1. That is strange Janice. So when I hit ‘reply’ to your comment, it doesn’t get sent to you? That is interesting, not in a good way. Thanks for checking back. 🙂


  7. I used to read Grey’s Anatomy when it first began, but I don’t watch television these days and haven’t kept up. I did read a screaming piece in the paper about this fatal outcome, though. 🙂


  8. Hi!
    (Can I call you Deby? I feel like we are becoming friends).
    I don’t think I’m getting your comments since I am confused as to whether to click “Notify me of new comments via Email.” Will I get everyone’s comments or just yours? I am clicking it now.


    1. Lol Janice, of course call me Debby! 🙂 This darn WordPress can be annoying. Here’s my summation: First of all, yes, you can click notify me, but you will get all comments. Secondly, I think if you aren’t ‘following’ my blog, that is the reason you aren’t getting your responses from me. I follow your blog and I get your replies when I comment to you. Does this help?


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