The Sunday Show – A Funny Thing Happened to Author D.G. Kaye

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The Sunday Show – A funny thing happened to author D.G. Kaye

I’d like to thank Sally Cronin  of the esteemed blog Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life for inviting me to and interviewing me for her series, The Sunday Show.

Once a week Sally interviews writers and artists for some in-depth interviews, and as part of the interview she leaves the interviewee with a question to elaborate on: A funny thing happened to “. . . ” for the artist to share a poignant, humorous, or in my case, a story about serendipity.

I have reposted the interview here from Sally’s page.

My guest today is Canadian memoir and nonfiction author and blogger D.G. Kaye (D.G.). It is clear that D.G delights both the women she writes for and I suspect the men who sneak a peek with her down to earth and often humorous look at life. There is also a serious side that comes across in D.G’s books and in her blog posts that strips back the layers that are formed in relationships. Those that are good for us and those that are harmful. I will take a closer look at her writing later in the introduction.” . . .


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – A Funny Thing Happened to Author D.G. Kaye

      1. Here is what I left as my comment Deb..
        “What a wonderful interview Sally, And your questions brought out wonderful responses from DG..So much is passed onto children when parents split, and DG is doing excellent work in her passing on her knowledge and insights through her own traumatic childhood experiences. Which leave hidden scars that can take lots of in-depth healing work to release..

        I was especially interested in the AWOL story to Mykonos, and the subsequent synchronisities of the invited guests 🙂 I am sure DG will know my own thoughts on such occurrences are indeed Divinely timed when we need help, the Universe listens to our Pleas.. 🙂

        Many thanks, I truly enjoyed reading and digesting..”

        Mega Hugs your way for a wonderful week ❤ xxx


      2. Thanks so much Sue for reading my interview at Sally’s. And how did I know that my ‘funny thing’ story would resonate with you??? Ask and you shall receive is highly under-rated. ❤



      3. It is……. people do not know half of what they are capable of manifesting.. shame.. ” what we think, we create” the problem being so many times we Think negative things, and then wonder why we are down on our luck!!!
        🙂 have a Great day.. xxxx


      4. Yuppers, we shall not enter the dark side, for that is where our life will remain. Profound eh? ❤


      5. Sue, I didn’t see this beautiful commentary on Sally’s page. Perhaps you could ‘copy and paste’ it there for many of her readers to hear your words, and come visit YOUR blog. 🙂


    1. Here’s what I commented on Sally’s blog: Debby, you certainly had a rough go of it during your childhood yet you made it through with the most positive of attitudes. Bravo! Great interview to both you and Sally! 🙂


      1. Thanks so much Lorna for reading and leaving your positive comment both here and on Sally’s blog. 🙂
        And yes, when life hands us lemons , , , you know the rest, 🙂


  1. What courage. Not just to travel alone and stay in Mykonos for six weeks but also with a cast on your foot! Your story gives faith in human nature. It’s wonderful to read such an uplifting story. 🙂


    1. Thanks again Carol. Yes, I was once a very brazen girl. I think as we age and become more aware of the perils in life we tend to lose some of our courage. There is much truth in, “Ignorance is bliss.” 🙂


  2. I much enjoyed the interview on Sally’s blog, D.G! ★
    I really liked to read your answers, particularly those ones related with your bold spirit shown, particulalry, when you traveled to Greece… I pretty much remember, of course, the episodes your made reference to on your beautiful memoir “Conflicted Hearts”, which I absolutely loved, dear Debby! It was also nice to read about you as a writer and have a closer approach as to your creative writing process! … Thank for sharing. Sending love and all my best wishes. Aquileana 😀


    1. Thanks so much Aq for reading here and going to visit Sally’s blog. And thank you for always being so supportive. ❤


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