Neatly Real and Aspiring Awards

real-neat-blog-award Once again, I am honoured to be nominated for another lovely blog award. This time it’s from the Smexy Historical Romance writer, Shehanne Moore and her hosts, ‘The Hamstas’. If you visit her always entertaining blog, you will understand better.


Thanks so much Shey and the Hammies for this lovely award. Below I have answered the 7 questions you posed.

At this time with the passing of my aunt, I’d just like to nominate all my fellow bloggers for this wonderful award to copy and paste it to your own pages, from me. And if you should feel inclined to carry on the protocol of naming others in particular that you would like to personally nominate, just link to this post, copy the award to that page, list 7 things about yourself, and offer up 7 questions for those nominees to respond to. Thank you so much.

1 If you could own a hamstah what would you name them.


2 If you had one second left to grab a possession, what would it be?

My writing journal .

3 We know there’s no such thing as a fav but what painting means a lot to you

The Mona Lisa.

4 And why?

Because I saw it in Paris almost 2 decades ago and I could never decipher what her mysterious expression was denoting.

5 What is your earliest memory?

Nothing so pleasant that I’d like to elaborate on.

6 If you could choose a historical figure to be who would you choose?

Margaret Sanger

7 And why?

Margaret Higgins Sanger was an American birth control activist, sex educator, and nurse. She fought for the rights of choice for women. I’m quite sure in another life I surely would have been an activist.

Now go forth and help yourselves to this lovely blog award.