28 thoughts on “#WordPress Issues with #Reblogging Feature

    1. Thanks Sally. Indeed it’s very frustrating. I can’t even access other people’s ‘press this’ button on their blogs because I’m not on wordpress.com. At least that tool allows me to capture the link to the pages I wish to reblog and then I go back to the site can copy and paste parts that I want to add to the post. 🙂


  1. Hmmm … come back to our side! Something else you may not be aware of Deb, we can’t comment directly onto a post of yours in our WordPress Reader. We have to go to your website each time. Did you know this?


    1. I pressed send before I wrote, there is a WordPress “Press This” button under our admin page. I’ve activated mine so it shows up on each post. Could this be the same as the tool you just told us about Deb? Bee xx


    2. Well this doesn’t surprise me Bee, as I always have to click onto an actual blog of anyone’s for me to comment as well. I’ll tell you, I’m so overwhelmed already at all this technical stuff. 🙂


  2. Such a shame about the Reblog feature.. I have seen Press This.. and never dared press it.. 🙂 Good luck in the future of sharing and being shared.. 🙂 xxx Love and Hugs your way.. Sue


    1. No Cat. Because it won’t offer me one. We all have the ‘press this’ tool available to download under ‘tools’ in our dashboards. Once you enable the tool, it gives YOU the opportunity to copy info, links, etc. from anywhere. You would click on YOUR ‘press this’ when you’re on a page you want to copy from and it will copy the link and whatever else you add to it to a draft page in your dashboard. 🙂


      1. It seems such a simple thing that sounds so complicated to achieve. I wonder why they don’t sort themselves out 🙂


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