What’s Your #Workspace Like?

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A writer’s space is usually one where they spend much of their time, if they’re working full-time at home like I am.

I was recently inspired to write a post about my workspace by a company named We Work. They are a company that provides people with temporary work spaces, for personal use, or for seminars. What a neat concept, no long-term commitments or leases. They have locations available across many of the United States, and some countries now in Europe. Taking stock of my little space I’m now working in, I’m thinking how nice that possibility sounds to have my own private getaway space. But for now, I won’t worry about that until I start selling a gazillion more books!

my copyrights
Proudly displays her copyrights on four books.

office desk My set-up is designed for my sometimes, scattered functionality. As many of you know I like to write my books and blogs out in longhand. I try to allot designated time to my writing, but I often find myself jumping between writing, and back-and-forth to my desktop computer or laptap to look up something. In between those times, I’m on my computer for lengthy times, either editing what I’ve written or reading numerous emails, publications, and working with my social media platforms. books My space has changed from the way it used to be. I moved into a condo earlier this year, after living in a house for almost two decades. Gone now is my once big office and space. My cabinets and files are now stowed away in a third bedroom, which I like to call ‘the storage room,’ and my desktop and bookshelves have taken up residency in a cornered off section of my living room. books mine When I need to sort out chapters from my manuscript, I have the use of my long dining room table to accommodate me. If it gets out of hand for space (like it had not too long ago while I was reorganizing chapters of my latest upcoming book,) I resort to creating piles on the floor. Wow, am I prehistoric or what? But it’s quaint, and it works. dining room Many times while I’m out, I stop at one of my favorite coffee houses to pick up a soy latte. I always take notice of the many people sitting at tables, engaged in working on their laptops. I often wonder if any of them are writers, besides the students working on their papers, and many others just having a coffee and playing on social media. I know many writers like to go to a coffee house to work sometimes. I’ve sometimes considered doing that, but somehow, I never have. I find working in a social environment too distracting. For me, writing is a solo act. When I’m working, I like to have my reference books handy. I’m sure it’s part of my being a packrat. And I don’t intend on packing a suitcase just to sit at a café and work. I don’t turn on the TV or radio during the day, as I find it can be an easy distraction. It’s already enough that I have to put up with the constant clatter of machinery from the outside renovations being done to our complex. The on-and-off again sounds of drilling and jackhammering up old cement often grates on my concentration. I set up a schedule each night of the things I want to accomplish the following day. And I usually stick to it, if life’s pressing matters don’t interfere. I treasure the moments of silence from outside, and try to get most of my daily writing done in between those workers’ outside, lunch hours, and upon their daily departure. These days, I’m especially liking the rainy days, when there’s no work being done out there. And on some other days, I sometimes pay heed to some advice staring me in the face as I go to take another sip of coffee: mug life isnt measured It says: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths                                                   we take, but by the number of moments that take our                                                   breath away.”

Thank you We Work, for taking interest in my space. We Work locations

And how are your spaces working out for you writers and bloggers?   DGKaye©July 2015

28 thoughts on “What’s Your #Workspace Like?

  1. I either write in my home office, which is net as a pin, or on the kitchen table,which is always in various states of disarray.

    I think it affects the words I choose. Usually if something crazy’s happening in the story, I need it quiet so I can focus, but just as often the atmosphere I’m trying to create is what would be happening on the kitchen table!


    1. Thanks for sharing Dan. I certainly do miss working on my kitchen table in my old house. I could look out at the garden and see the sky, which I felt inspiring. Now I face a wall and stand up and move around a lot more pacing when I’m deep in thought. 🙂


  2. I love your dining area and the furniture looks exquisite. I tend to take refuge in my kitchen a lot so set up the PC in a corner, but it’s imperative everything is clean and tidy. I have a large window in the kitchen with uninterrupted view of the sky, which is a novelty in London. It has been wonderful to sit at the PC recently and watch the “blue moon” through my window. This sort of environment is important for my writing.


    1. Now that’s something I miss Cat, a large window in my kitchen. It sounds as though you are cozy in your kitchen ( a place I used to love to work all day before I moved.) As for the blue moon, I can’t wait for it to pass, causing havoc in my personal life, lol. 🙂


      1. Oh really, does the blue moon have a particularly stormy effect? Maybe that’s why I am having internal mini-dramas 🙂


      2. Cat, it affected me terribly this time round. I also have a few friends who have been smitten with the fate of the blue moon. No doubt you’ve been affected. Soon we shall be able to breathe again. 🙂


  3. DG, I feel you re the downsizing. I moved from a regular 3 BR house with a garage to a semi-historic townhouse with absolutely no storage space (or even guaranteed parking, let alone a garage). So my “office” (at home, not at my “real job”) is a folding computer stand. I roll it behind the sofa when I’m not using it (basically whenever I leave home for my real job). Keep on writing. Hugs!


    1. Thanks for sharing Tea. Isn’t it interesting to learn about writer’s surroundings; what makes them comfortable, and how they operate? I’m aware of many other writers like you who work in a small space. Our spaces may be small, but our imaginations compensate! xo 🙂


  4. I have never considered myself a “writer”, but I was astonished to discover how much I enjoyed reading when I started my blog a few months ago. As a dietitian, my writing is primarily research based, with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. I find myself sifting through voluminous books and scouring Medline for the evidence based articles that I utilize to get to the heart of what I would like to share with my readers in my posts. I cherish the quiet spot I have created for myself in the downstairs den overlooking the serene, green lawn. It grounds me, helps me collect and organize my thoughts so that I can actually get to work…Loved your blog. Thank you for sharing:))


  5. I have an office, but it’s a bit small and as I live alone, I’ve moved into the kitchen, with a much bigger table (it’s the bigger room in the house). So now I have a kitchen/office and can look over the garden…But as I keep going from here to there, I set up camp wherever I can…:) Your looks very tidy. Mine varies according to where I am with my projects…


    1. Lol Olga, believe me, it’s not always tidy, I have to clean clutter often or I feel as though I’m smothering. My old house used to overlook the garden. I miss that. 🙂


  6. You have a lovely home there, Debby. Thank you for showing us around.

    I like to write at home as well. Too many distractions outside and in the coffee shops. However, I do get inspired (when writing my short stories) by playing music on my iMac while I write. Music seems to give my creativity cogs a well needed oiling.


    1. Thanks for the compliments, and for sharing Hugh. It’s interesting to know how others write. I love music, but find it distracting to my concentration. Much truth to the adage: ‘Different strokes for different folks.’ 🙂


  7. You must be really dedicated! I have sort of gone the reverse direction. I had my office in the dining room of our house in Virginia. (The dining room table had long ago departed) When we put the house on the market I moved the writing into my daughter’s former bedroom (she had moved in with her boyfriend; now her husband). Then it was back to the dining area again in our rental place while the dream house got built. Now I have an 8′ by 17′ office with a view (which I usually don’t see because the monitor faces the window). It works great for me. Loveseat for reading–which the dog now uses much more than me. Some bookcases, a file cabinet and a non-computer desk for mail, bills, etc.


    1. Lol, glad you made space for the dog, John. It’s great you got your own space back. I miss having the window view from the big kitchen I used to like to work in, in my old house. Now I’m all over the place; writing in the small kitchen or living room couch, back and forth to desktop and laptop through the day. Lol, if that’s what you call dedication. 🙂


  8. Thanks for sharing Deb, I’m also a pack rat, I have my notebooks and while a coffee house is good for coffee, for me it’s not a place I could write either. 🙂


  9. Great quote to end this piece. I don’t want you to see my work space. It’s a little chaotic, but not as much a wreck as it was before DSL went out for a few days some months ago. I cleaned and filed then, but I’m slipping behind again.

    My space hash windows on three sides and lots of room. It used to be Vic’s office. I always coveted it. I moved in six months after he died–with plenty of tears, but the knowledge that it was stupid to avoid the space and I’d get used to working here. It didn’t take long. It helped that he’d want me to have the space.

    Be well, Debby. I’m working on letting the mess be outside and not inside.


    1. Good advice Elaine- letting the mess be outside. After reading your beautiful book, I am sure Vic is happy you have moved in to his space. As for the eternal piles of filing, I think that will never go away. Every now and then I have to sift and sort, file or toss or I get claustrophobic just sitting at my desk. I suppose it just proves how productive we really are. ❤


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