7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard



Here’s some insight from my friend and author Belinda Pollard. Belinda writes a lot about the publishing industry, and shares some great information here on revamping her website. We all know that WordPress can sometimes be tricky at times, so perhaps Belinda’s experience may be helpful to some.


I was recently forced into changing the design of this site, because the little piece of software that controls its appearance was no longer supported. (Rats.)

This turned out to be a good thing, because it made me think hard about what I wanted on my site. I mulled over what helps or irritates me on other people’s blogs and websites. (A blog is just a type of website that has new content added regularly. They’re all websites.)

I had to update both this site, which I write as a publishing . . .” Read More:

Source: 7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard


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11 thoughts on “7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard

  1. Great choice of reblog, Debby. I’m trying tearing my hair out trying to build a site for my upcoming book and since I’ve only ever created blogs, this is overwhelming! Brenda’s info comes at the perfect time. So in about a year I may have it finished. I’m aiming for the end of August but I have to be realistic given my tech skills set! Thanks, though.


  2. I think as a writer you are so humble. Half the time I tune in you are sharing great information from others. Recently a reader reblogged something of mine and the response was amazing. Reached far more than I do on my own. I think when someone tells me something I’ve written has made them cry or that they’ve reblogged it, those are the best compliments a writer could receive! Short of dolling out $$ for the book I’ve yet to write. Lol.


    1. Hi sweet friend. You are correct. Reblogging is a sincere form of flattery like I caption in my post. It’s a wonderful community here to be in the company of other wonderful writers who become our friends, and to be surrounded by those who truly know what a writer experiences. I like to blog about real life things that occur in life and share my views on them. In between my rants and raves I like to share good information with others. It’s payback for all the wonderful helpful things I’ve learned on my writing journey, and so I like to try and do my part in giving back. And yes, it’s just the icing on the cake when someone else wants to reshare what we have to say. And, I know your book will come when the timing is right. ❤ 🙂


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