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I’ve been a little busy this past week, trying my hand at writing a little fiction. I have to admit, fiction has never been my strong point when it comes to writing. As a nonfiction writer, I’m used to writing stories from my own experiences, told from my own point of view. But  I’m always up for a new challenge. So while I was visiting some of my favorite blogs I came across The Story Reading Ape’s page and noticed the 79 Word Challenge he posted for writers to join in. I also decided to take the plunge with The Write Stuff’s, Word Prompt Challenge.

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I actually had fun doing these challenges, and it was nice that after releasing my latest book Have Bags, Will Travel, I regained a little personal time, which enabled me to try something new.


Below find my post on the prompt, ‘Candlelight’ at Marcia’s blog, The Write Stuff   “Writers Helping Writers” with Marcia Meara & Friends

#Writing Prompt –Candlelight




The aging Diva primped for her grand entrance to the Christmas party she hosted annually. She reminded her assistant for the umpteenth time, to make sure the Grand Ballroom was to remain dimly lit — candlelight only. Her vanity dictated that she’d only be seen in best light.

The aging recluse hid within herself what she didn’t want to face in the mirror — the lines and wrinkles which marked her time on earth. As she entered the Ballroom, her flaws remained hidden to the crowd, but not to herself.

The Diva managed to conceal her face, ravaged with time, by wearing scarves and hats, and her signature cat-eye shaped sunglasses when she absolutely had to go out; trying her best to stay out of the limelight during the day. But certain social gatherings were expected, and obligatory. . .Read More  


Then have a look at some of the wonderful 79 Word challenges shared  along with mine at The Story Reading Ape’s blog . 


Here’s a tiny part of my 79 Word writing challenge:

As bedtime drew near, she feared going to sleep; no matter how much her curiosity stirred.

Another fitful night of slumber, and once again, she woke with a drilling chill down her spine.

The temperature in her room plummeted as a faint shadow hovered over her body. . . CONTINUE 




D.G.Kaye ©2015




22 thoughts on “#Writing Prompt – The Write Stuff 79 Word Challenge

    1. Well Alex, I posted it after I deleted my old site, so if it came up that would be great. Which would mean my posts will still show to those who previously followed me from there, but anyone new will find me here. This is why I have ‘follow this blog’ by email on my sidebar. I don’t even know if a nonfollower came by this site, if that little pop up that is fairly new in the bottom right corner I’ve been seeing on others’ blogs will pop up. It’s all a mystery! Having said all that, did this post come up on your reader?


  1. Well done Debby, great to see you having a bash at flash fiction! I know just what you mean, I was really scared to try fiction of any kind, feeling comfortable only with memoir and creative non-fiction, but the more I write flash, the more I enjoy it. It’s a great exercise in ‘tight’ writing isn’t it? I really enjoyed your stories 🙂


    1. HI Sue! Oh she was real, but lived a ghost-like existence because she couldn’t accept her aging looks. She vanished, out of the room, out of the light, out of the public eye. 🙂 Happy Halloween to you too my friend. xo


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