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Here is a wonderful article written by Ron Callari about the era we live in with the ease and availability we have as writers to use copy and pasting from articles we find interesting to apply to our own works. The article focuses on what’s legal, and talks about whether or not it should be the obligation of the  publisher to discover if some part of a publication has been plagiarized.


“Here’s the question: Can others copy our work and claim it as their own? Or should Kindle and other self-publishing platforms have the capability to detect duplications [plagiarism] in a manuscript and decline to publish it. . .” – See more by clicking the link below:


The New Plagiarism by Ron Callari written for

Source: The New Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks


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30 thoughts on “The New #Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks

  1. Oh, golly, Debby, something else to keep on our radar. As a teacher, I had access to plagiarism-detecting software, but I’m probably not vigilant enough with my own writing. Thanks for looking out for your colleagues here.


  2. Although I know the possibility of others taking my work as their own exists, there’s little I can do about it except listen to warning signs from others who might see it and keep my eyes open in case I stumble upon it. Worrying about it is a waste of writing time.


    1. I agree with you Diane. Also, don’t forget to enter your author name in ‘google alerts’, which can help send you emails which pertain to articles with your name. Hey, every little bit helps. 🙂


      1. Each month I google my name or a phrase/sentence from my writing. I’ve found my genealogy column on a few interesting sites, but they’ve always given me the credit. Googling my name also leads me to genealogy linked to my family too, so I actually enjoy the exercise.


  3. Thank you for this one Debbie.. This is an ongoing problem I have in the past quoted small passages from books I have read, but I always give credit to the author and name the book. but when people pass off work as their own.. not good.. .. I know of instances of poetry even my own, being subject to being cut and pasted too.. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Deb.. and thank you so much my dear friend for your lovely visit.. Enjoy your weekend xxx


    1. HI Sue! Nice to see you doing the rounds again. I hope you’re well and organized now. 🙂 Yes, this copyright and pirating business is sometimes out of control. As long as we do our due diligence not to infringe on any other’s work, we can only hope to be extended a courtesy, or keep our eyes and ears open to alert us. Enjoy your weekend too my lovely friend. xo 🙂


  4. This is rather troubling because even if you did find someone using your work what can you do about it? You might contact the culprit and ask that he or she at least give your credit…but if they don’t? At least (I think) I haven’t come across this problem regarding my own writing.
    Thanks, Debby, for this informative post.


    1. I’m with you Carol. It’s kind of a Catch 22 situation isn’t it? But still, we would like to know if our work is getting pirated and where. It’s important that we google ourselves every once in awhile to see where we find our work. 🙂


      1. Thanks again Sherri. That’s much appreciated. And, if you think this post was informative, look out for next Tuesday’s post – I promise you will be floored! xo


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