Make Your Own Karma



There are many ways we can market ourselves in this world. We have so many avenues to announce ourselves as new authors but as plentiful as the avenues may be, sometimes it can be a little intimidating for us. Keep in mind, we are our best advocates! We can start by building our social platforms and reading lots of great books by industry leaders and following some of the best influencer’s publications but don’t forget to use your own word of mouth! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because how else is anyone going to know what you have been working on for so long and get the chance to be interested in what we are writing?

Do you have a rapport with your local bookstore, drugstore, department store? Drop into these places and make some contacts. I’m writing this to share because I have done these things along the way by building friendly communications  wherever I shop in my local town and now that I have these good rapports I don’t feel strange asking if they would be interested in helping me advertise my book.  Here is what I did:

A few weeks ago as I was picking up some things in my local Shopper’s Drug Mart, I took a look at their book section. Then when I went to pick up my prescriptions, I had my usual friendly chat with the pharmacist (they are the owners of the pharmacies) and I casually mentioned in our conversation about my upcoming book Conflicted Hearts. He then offered that I should come and see him again when the book comes out with a copy.

Last week I went to my local Chapters Book Store to pick up some notepads and I was speaking with one of the staff and asked her about their policy on Indie authored books. She told me they do take some Indie books on consignment and that I should talk to the manager about my book. I took her name and told her I would get in touch with her once my paperback came out.

Another great opportunity came about a month ago when I was shopping at my favourite department store, The Bay. I ran into the manager who I’ve known for awhile through shopping there and we sometimes have little chats when we run into one another. So I told him about my upcoming book and he congratulated me and offered to do a book signing promotion for me as an event for the store and an opportunity for me as a local author. Also, when I go on winter vacation this year I will be taking a cruise and I am taking some books with me because they often do little seminars on the ship and because I enjo talking to people and I am not afraid to mention my book, there is a chance that I may be able to do a little promoting there as well.


All these things happened because I love to talk to people and I earned their respect in my community, so I wasn’t afraid to put it out there. These are just some ideas we can use to get our books exposed into the world.

One door opens and who knows where it will lead?

Addendum: This post was written two years ago. I’ve been cleaning up my blogs (you will hear why next week) and I realized I never even posted this. As I was changing the photos, I hit ‘publish’ instead of update. So it’s old news, but it’s still sound advice.


27 thoughts on “Make Your Own Karma

    1. Thanks Alex. I posted by accident. I just edited. You will see an addendum. I had to clean up all my blogs from the beginning and came across that, without realizing it was still in draft, I forgot to post 2 years ago, lol. 🙂


  1. Who hasn’t hit “publish” instead of “update” – ha! You practice when you preach, another thing to like about your approach. Thanks for tweeting my latest post. See, your heart is big enough to promote others.

    Many writers are introverts. Like me, I think I sense that you are more gregarious, extroverted. You rock, Debby.


    1. Thanks as always Marian for you kind words and support. You always make me feel that what I share is worthwhile. And speaking of that, wait til you read next Tuesday’s post, a frightening tale, from my own experience, of writer’s beware! 🙂


    1. Thanks Carol. Well, as the note at the end says, it was written almost 2 years ago, lol, I had done some little talks on the ship and left a few books in the ship’s library. When I went back to Chapter’s I found out it wasn’t feasible for me to bring them my books because of the US shipping and handling on each book. The price of the book plus shipping worked out to almost half the retail price, and then the stores take 50% commission. This makes it hard for Canadian authors to put our books out here. So I thought maybe when I sell a ton of books (I’m wishing) I can afford to take a little loss for the exposure. But certainly this is more feasible for Americans.


  2. Making our own karma is what we do as humans. Then there is that broader and bigger Universal Karma in which we participate and have less control. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to knock on doors and walk through them when they open.


  3. Regarding your reply to Carol… Granted my post office has given my misinformation in the past… but a reader in Canada asked how she could buy a paperback copy of my novel. (I think in the past few weeks, Create Space/Amazon has improved on that but…) It wasn’t possible a few months ago. So I gifted her with a proof copy. The post office said there was no “book rate” shipping (the cheap but longer way) to Canada. It was about $12 to mail the book. That’s more than I charge for the paperback book.
    Yep — i understand.


  4. I did the same thing when WFW came out in 2007. Actually did a book signing at a local Borders (now dearly departed like the whole chain) and they actually bought a few to put on their shelves. Also did one at a tiny independent shop in a nearby exurb. So it can work. Just don’t expect a gold rush. But hey, it’s a mutual thing–support your local bookstore and they will support you! When I go places I always take a few books along just in case.


  5. Wonderful advice, so many writers are introverts and would find it so difficult. But it’s absolutely true and look at the results from just speaking up. I shall remember this.


  6. Great advice as always, Deb 😀
    I never go anywhere without either physical books or, if not practical, leaflets or rack cards (giant bookmarks), and I frequently find people I chat with are interested in my books, and that often results in sales.
    We are our own marketing department – never miss an opportunity to market!


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