#Author Profile: D.G. Kaye, Boldly Going! | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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About a month ago, I was invited to be interviewed by author Dan Alatorre  to share my answers to his many questions about my experience as a writer (amongst some other silly personal stuff, because that is just what Dan is all about).

Dan has quite a popular blog full of great info, writer challenges and always filled with lots of humor. I was actually quite honored to be chosen as one of his guest, author interviews. If you’d like to learn some of the tips I’ve learned along the way to becoming an author, and how some of my books came to fruition, have a read of this post.


( I would just like to add here that I was so overwhelmed by the amount of readers and blogging friends that took the time to read this and comment. Your comments really touched me, and reminded me of just how wonderful our writing community here is. ❤ )

Author Profile: D.G. Kaye, Boldly Going!

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Your humble host.

My friend Debby is a witty, bold writer who – in her own words – takes no shit, but who is also the same as you in many respects. Her writing is often deeply personal, so it strikes a chord with her fans (a lesson for us all).

Enjoy my chat with D.G. Kaye, also know here as Debby


  • DAN:  Let’s start with the easy stuff. What’s the working title of your next book?

D.G. Kaye: I’ve been working on the sequel to my first book, Conflicted Hearts for the past year on and off while working on my latest book release, Have Bags, Will Travel . The sequel is a grueling emotional write, and won’t be published until late next year. The working title is, Broken Legacy.

Dan: Your stuff is often deeply personal. Where did the idea come from for the latest work in progress (WIP)?


00 D G Kaye 1
Author D. G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye: This WIP was a book I knew I would write after my mother’s passing; after I could assess my conflicted feelings for her. I didn’t want to begin writing it until I experienced what I would feel after she died; having not spoken to her for the last eight years of her life. I left Conflicted Hearts with a door open, so to speak, being that it was a memoir about my struggle with living under her narcissistic, imposed guilt trips my whole life, even when I wasn’t speaking to her. When I published that book, my mother was still alive, and my fear of her didn’t allow me to write certain incidents, or express my deepest opinions regarding certain matters without feeling discomfort in the thought that she may be reading the book. It took a lot of hesitation and guts for me to publish that book while she was still living.

  • Dan: Writing takes guts, but that takes even more. Very brave of you. Let’s lighten it up now. Which is the more important of these two: write drunk, edit sober? . . .
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Source: Author Profile: D.G. Kaye, Boldly Going! | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR 


12 thoughts on “#Author Profile: D.G. Kaye, Boldly Going! | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

  1. What an awesome interview Debby! Truly- I loved the fact you were so honest as well as punctuating everything with your trademark humor. Your books do sound tough to write, so much kudos for you for taking on Mother- daughter issues. A braver woman than me:-)


    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for taking the time to read that ‘rather lengthy’ interview, and commenting. Some books are tougher than others to write. Although my writing comes across as simplistic, rather than prolific, I share my experiences with honest truth in all my writing. People connect with that. In all my books, even though they are my real stories, they all offer insight and lessons. We can’t always be funny, especially when some topics don’t warrant it. But generally, my attitude on life is to find the humor in crappy stuff that life can dish out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and thank you for being a supportive writing friend. ❤


    1. Sherri, I was so touched by your wonderful comment you left for me at Dan’s blog. It really made me feel special and that my voice does count. Thank you my sweet friend! xoxo


      1. Oh Debby, I’m so touched that you feel that way…your voice counts big time, absolutely, and I meant every word! Happy Christmas to you my sweet friend back, have a wonderful time and meanwhile, see you over on FB! 🙂 xoxo


      2. Thanks so much Sherri!!! So happy we connected this year! Happy Christmas again, and wishing the coming year brings you much joy and success. xo ❤


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