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Today I’m reblogging a post from The Write Stuff, by author/blogger Marcia Meara. Marcia is a feisty go-getter in all senses of the word. She is a wonderful writer, but besides her wonderful books, Marcia is a great sharer in the blogging community. Her site offers authors and writers an opportunity to post reviews, blog shares, and interesting articles pertaining to writing. Marcia also posts articles to share helpful information with other writers in her great efforts to support others.


I was lucky enough to befriend Marcia and learn so much more about her. Personally, I think she’s missed a calling to be a stand up comedian. But she has so many other wonderful attributes that she always finds an opportunity to sneak in her humor.

In this post, Marcia shares with us, how to get our books some exposure in real time. She is always busy promoting her books and other’s, it’s a wonder how she finds time to write great books and run her blog.


Read Marcia’s post below, and find out about some of the avenues she uses to promote her books.



“I’ve talked before about the wonderful (and profitable) time I’m having building a local readership here in central Florida, so some of you are familiar with how I’ve done so far. For those who aren’t, let me say that my second novel, Swamp Ghosts, is set in an imaginary small town along the St. Johns River, and many of the places in the book are very familiar to folks in this area.

With the help of Captain Jeanne Bell and her hubby, photographer Doug Little,  of St. Johns River Eco Tours, I have met some fantastic folks who’ve been taken by the book, and who invited me to speak at several venues. Jeanne and Doug started it by promoting my book on their Eco Tour boat cruises. (It was a natural fit for them, since, as  I acknowledge in the book, they inspired my main characters.) . . .” Continue Reading 



Source: How to Turn a Classroom Into A Tea Parlor – #BuildingLocalReadership | The Write Stuff  

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10 thoughts on “How to Turn a Classroom Into A Tea Parlor – #BuildingLocalReadership | The Write Stuff

  1. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling reading this. First of all because of the title, and secondly because Marcia is writing about a river that runs south to north (!) right through Jacksonville, my hometown.


  2. Hi, Marianbe. I was BORN in Jacksonville. 😀 See, I barely know you, but it’s obvious we’re destined to be great friends! 😀 Deb might . . . just MIGHT, mind you . . . be exaggerating my good qualities a wee bit. But it’s so nice to hear, I’m going to bask in the glow of her compliments, and pretend every one of them is true.

    Do stop by The Write Stuff when you get a chance. Lots of talented and fun folks gather there. And check out Swamp Ghosts, to see if it sounds like a book you’d enjoy. (Available on amazon in Kindle and print formats). If you decide to read it some day, let me know what you think. And if you’re ever in the central Florida area (Sanford, DeBary, Orlando, etc), stop by and say hi. I’m always talking books somewhere or other.

    Have a great holiday!


  3. Deb, I can’t tell you how nice it is to see you’ve shared this post. You add a wonderful element to The Write Stuff, and your generous nature is one of the reasons that’s true. Thank you SO much for such kind words. I’ll have my work cut out, trying to live up to them, but I’ll give it my best shot.

    And building a local readership IS a topic near and dear to my heart. It is not only a fun way to add members to one’s tribe, but it is so enriching. I come home from an event or one of my PowerPoint presentations feeling on top of the world, and remembering why I love writing so much.

    Thanks again for sharing, and I hope your holidays are filled with all your favorite things and people! (Not necessarily in that order.) 😀


    1. Hi Marcia. I’ve been wanting to share that post for some time, but it’s been quite eventful with blog posts lately, lol. I know I haven’t even posted on your page for awhile as I struggle to get ready for the holidays and my big trip, and working on some new ventures too. We are only one person doing everything, but certainly the most joy comes from our writing and the readers who enjoy our work.
      I wish you much happiness and success, and of course health, for the new year and years to come and hope your holiday season is filled with fun and loved ones. Miss you! ❤


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