Listen Up! – #5 Tips to Protect Yourself from #Copyright #Infringement

If it happened to me, it could happen to you!



Do you know where all the photos come from that you use to spice up your blogs?


Some of you may have noticed my sparse visits around blogtown and social media these past few days. That was because I’ve been a busy beaver, trying to protect myself from FURTHER copyright infringement. Yes, you read correctly – further.


We’ve all read enough articles on the perils of copyright infringement, but do we understand the rules completely when it comes to adding photos to our blogs?


Apparently, I thought I was adhering to the rules, but Thursday morning I woke up to an email sent to me from LCC, telling me that I was being fined for unlawfully having used a photo which was posted on one of my blogs.


At first I was shocked at the email, but after discovering what the photo was that caused the fine, I was even more shocked. It wasn’t a photo that I had chosen myself to post, it was a reblog I posted, and as I always like to write a little bit about what I’m reblogging about as an intro to the reblog, I had chosen to copy and add the photo pertaining to the reblogged post, to highlight the post. I unknowingly trusted that the photo on the reblog was safe to use because it was used on the original post. Had I just wrote the intro and only linked to the reblog itself, without adding the photo from the post on my page, I wouldn’t have been incriminated. By including his photo on my page direct, I was displaying his illegally obtained photo.


Incidentally, the post in question was written 2 years ago, which brings me to another important fact; many free photos have stipulations. Some are free only for a certain amount of years – usually 1 or 2. It’s possible someone used that photo thinking it was free and the free part expired in 2 years, because ironically, the post in question was posted in December of 2013. So never assume a photo is free to use unless you’ve checked the licence rights on the little blurb that always accompanies a photo from the site you’re on when you click on it to download.


What you should be looking for is CC0 – Creative Commons Zero, which is public domain.

contract fine

If you aren’t sure about where a photo originated from, use the site to upload the photo in question, and it will show you where the photo came from and where it’s been used and it’s licence permissions. (No doubt, this is where the person checked his photos to find the one on my site.) Here is a link to a post I wrote about this last year


Naturally, I called the number listed on the email notice, and asked them a lot of questions to be armed against future fines, and of course, to share here with all of you. It hurt to have to pay $130 for a photo used that I wasn’t even aware was copyrighted material. And even though I removed it immediately, I still had to pay the fine.


The woman I spoke with told me I was lucky it was only $130. She said there are photos that incur thousands of dollars in fines. She also told me (when I asked), that they send out plenty of fines all the time.



Now, you may all be left wondering, what about posting cute little memes off Facebook and other social media sites?


Rest assured, I didn’t forget to inquire about the rules of sharing social photos we copy and paste from social sites. The woman told me that because social media is all about sharing everywhere, there’s no way of controlling all the shares. BUT APPARENTLY, if you share something off social media on YOUR BLOG, there is always a possibility you can be fined, if caught.


Needless to say, I had almost 500 blog posts since I began blogging in 2013. If you go through all your posts in your dashboards, you’ll find there are about 20 per page. Each page took me about 45 minutes to an hour to go through and check on photos I’ve used. If I didn’t know where they came from, I deleted them. Due to time constraints (as this is a daunting process), some photos I replaced and some remain photo-less, as my main objective was to delete unknown photos from further penalizations down the road.


This process took me well over 30 hours to clean up my posts. Certainly, this was a grueling exercise, very time consuming, but I never want to wake up to another scary email from Creative Commons.


magnifying-glass-1020142_640 (2)




  • Use only your own photos or check licence for all photos copied from the web.
  • Use to check any photos in question.
  • Be careful when reblogging and including the photos of other’s on your page.
  • Go through old posts to make sure you haven’t used any photos unlawfully.

*Note: After posting this article and it was shared around virally, it got picked up by . While I was visiting the site and my article, I came across another informative article on, What to do if you receive notice of copyright infringement. Read it here, by Hannah Konitshek.


Coincidentally, I came across 2 articles this week that cited some excellent photos sites to use FREE on our blogs. There is also some excellent information about paying attention to the licence usage. The new photos I’ve added to this post were obtained from Just remember that FREE doesn’t always mean there’s not an expiry on the licence. CHECK THE FINE PRINT!


For another great explanation of how using photos from other people’s posts can be infringing copyright, check out this blog post

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#Book #Review — The Healer – Christoph Fischer


Today I’m sharing my review on a book, The Healer, I recently read by Christoph Fischer.


Available at Amazon
Available at Amazon


Christoph is a talented and diverse author. I sometimes refer to him as a machine the way he can pump out great books, write interviews, advocate for the needy, and circulate around social media.


Christoph has several books published, including his latest book, Ludwicka – A Polish woman’s struggle to survive in Nazi Germany. Please visit his book page HERE and take a look at all the books he’s penned from his Conditioned series, which deals with mental health and drama issues, to other books on political and family issues, to historical fiction – In Search of a Revolution, which has garnered much praise.


Next on my reading list by Fischer will be The Luck of the Weissensteiners  and The Gamblers, before I get to his Conditions  series. I look forward to getting to those books on my overwhelming TBR. But for now, here is my review of The Healer :


5 Stars – Multi-Layered and Intrigue – D.G. Kaye

This story revolves around Erica, a woman diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and the man they call The Healer, whom she seeks out in a final attempt to save her own life. The Healer works holistically with meditation, hands on healing, and with an elixir. The story proceeds with Erica’s quest for a cure, and gradually into a cat and mouse, hide and seek mission. While Erica is being treated, The Healer is battling Big Pharma, who are seeking to destroy his reputation by blackmailing him for his elixir so they can capitalize on his ‘cure’. He finds himself bargaining with the devil as his conscience has him worrying about the many people he, himself, can save. The story contains cover up schemes, spying, and false documentation in medical records, all courtesy of the Big Pharma while trying to get their hands on the precious elixir. Without giving away spoilers, the question remains in the reader’s mind, “Will this elixir be a great cure, or does it have any positive value without the administration of the healer?” This story will keep you eager to find out right until the very last sentence.


You can find and follow Christoph at the links below:








Google +:




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Make Your Own Karma



There are many ways we can market ourselves in this world. We have so many avenues to announce ourselves as new authors but as plentiful as the avenues may be, sometimes it can be a little intimidating for us. Keep in mind, we are our best advocates! We can start by building our social platforms and reading lots of great books by industry leaders and following some of the best influencer’s publications but don’t forget to use your own word of mouth! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because how else is anyone going to know what you have been working on for so long and get the chance to be interested in what we are writing?

Do you have a rapport with your local bookstore, drugstore, department store? Drop into these places and make some contacts. I’m writing this to share because I have done these things along the way by building friendly communications  wherever I shop in my local town and now that I have these good rapports I don’t feel strange asking if they would be interested in helping me advertise my book.  Here is what I did:

A few weeks ago as I was picking up some things in my local Shopper’s Drug Mart, I took a look at their book section. Then when I went to pick up my prescriptions, I had my usual friendly chat with the pharmacist (they are the owners of the pharmacies) and I casually mentioned in our conversation about my upcoming book Conflicted Hearts. He then offered that I should come and see him again when the book comes out with a copy.

Last week I went to my local Chapters Book Store to pick up some notepads and I was speaking with one of the staff and asked her about their policy on Indie authored books. She told me they do take some Indie books on consignment and that I should talk to the manager about my book. I took her name and told her I would get in touch with her once my paperback came out.

Another great opportunity came about a month ago when I was shopping at my favourite department store, The Bay. I ran into the manager who I’ve known for awhile through shopping there and we sometimes have little chats when we run into one another. So I told him about my upcoming book and he congratulated me and offered to do a book signing promotion for me as an event for the store and an opportunity for me as a local author. Also, when I go on winter vacation this year I will be taking a cruise and I am taking some books with me because they often do little seminars on the ship and because I enjo talking to people and I am not afraid to mention my book, there is a chance that I may be able to do a little promoting there as well.


All these things happened because I love to talk to people and I earned their respect in my community, so I wasn’t afraid to put it out there. These are just some ideas we can use to get our books exposed into the world.

One door opens and who knows where it will lead?

Addendum: This post was written two years ago. I’ve been cleaning up my blogs (you will hear why next week) and I realized I never even posted this. As I was changing the photos, I hit ‘publish’ instead of update. So it’s old news, but it’s still sound advice.


My Book Review – Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

My Book Review – Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye

By Sally G. Cronin


I was thrilled to receive this wonderful review from the talented Sally Cronin!




There was a time when it felt that I spent more time in airports than at home. Travelling used to be very much more relaxed and I find myself these days fretting beforehand. It used to be that you chucked all your makeup and items you might need if your suitcase when missing into your carry on, but now even that is heavily censored. There is nothing sadder than desperately measuring 100mls of essential face de-wrinkler into a little plastic bottle and then into a ziplock plastic bag.  Then having to explain what it is to a stone faced inquisitor (just doing their job.. I know and appreciate why.)”


My Review for Have Bags, Will Travel.. Five perfectly packed suitcases.


“This is a not a long book but you will find D.G. Kaye packed it the same way that she does her suitcases when on one of her frequent trips. Overflowing with hilarious encounters with custom officers and bemused check-in agents, crammed with memories of travelling companions and skillfully closed with an in-depth look at one of her favourite destinations; Las Vegas.

International travel is no longer straightforward; so a little humour goes a very long way. D.G. Kaye relives those halcyon days when passengers were welcomed with open arms, allowed some leeway on number of bags and their weight instead of being herded through various lines to be interrogated. But if you are going to travel, then take advice from an expert; relieve some of the stress. . .” CONTINUE READING 


Source: My Book Review – Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life 



#Book Review — Tales from the Garden – Sally G. Cronin


Sally camera

Today I’m sharing my 5 Star Review on Sally Cronin’s latest book, Tales from the Garden. Anyone who knows Sally, knows that she is not only a kind and giving person, but she is also a very talented and creative writer who has published several books. Her latest book here was inspired by the beauty of her garden. Sally will be moving next year and was inspired to write these tales from her garden so she could take them all with her for keepsakes when she no longer has them around her. Here is my review:


Tales of the Garden is an eclectic compilation of home-made fairy tales, brought to life by the author’s interpretation with the fantasy stories created about the statues residing in her garden. Cronin gives life to these characters, complete with descriptions of who they are, what they represent, and their duties.
In this garden you’ll find fairies, royalty, animals, guards, musicians, and even some tales of infidelity, grief, and childhood trauma. Read about the queen who catches the king in the arms of another woman. What will his punishment be?
The brilliance of Cronin’s bringing together tales from centuries ago, combined with stories of mortals who ruled the land, are clever and intriguing. Her stories encompass some of the real-life situations that humans contend with; her statues are no different.
The book concludes with The Duchess’ story – Cronin’s mother. She shares the family background of the home and its inhibitors, where the garden sits, providing the backdrop for the characters who are brought to life in this wonderfully written story. A beautiful read for young and old alike. Note: I was thrilled to have won a copy of this book in a draw for the book launch.


Sally TalesAvailable at Amazon (amongst many other places).

This book would make a beautiful Christmas gift for all ages. The pictures enhance the feeling we get while reading the enchanting stories.

Connect with Sally here:


Other Books by Sally Cronin: –   Size Matters, especially when you weigh 330lbs – Just an Odd Job Girl – grown up chick lit. – Forget the Viagra….Pass me a Carrot  – Men’s health manual. – Turning Back the Clock – Anti-Aging programme. _ Media Training The Manual – building relationships with local media. – Flights of Fancy – Short Story Anthology with a Novella -Tales from the Garden – Fairy stories for all ages from five to ninety-five.


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#Emotional Wounds #Thesaurus Entry: Becoming a Caregiver at a Young Age – WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™


Available at Amazon  emotion thesaurus


Many of you may be familiar with Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman’s books, particularly, The Emotional Thesaurus, – A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression, which is a wonderful writing aid to give us a more in-depth description for words we use in our writing by elaborating on physical signs attached to the emotion, sensations felt, responses, etc.


I came across this sample, in the following paragraphs, written about The Emotional Wound Thesaurus, which takes a character’s situation a step further . . .


When you’re writing a character, it’s important to know why she is the way she is. Knowing her backstory is important to achieving this end, and one of the most impactful pieces of a character’s backstory is her emotional wound. This negative experience from the past is so intense that a character will go to great lengths to avoid experiencing that kind of pain and negative emotion again. As a result, certain behaviors, beliefs, and character traits will emerge.

Characters, like real people, are unique, and will respond to wounding events differently. The vast array of possible emotional wounds combined with each character’s personality gives you many options in terms of how your character will turn out. With the right amount of exploration . . .”  Click here to continue:


Source: Emotional Wounds Thesaurus Entry: Becoming a Caregiver at a Young Age – WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™ 

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The New #Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks



Here is a wonderful article written by Ron Callari about the era we live in with the ease and availability we have as writers to use copy and pasting from articles we find interesting to apply to our own works. The article focuses on what’s legal, and talks about whether or not it should be the obligation of the  publisher to discover if some part of a publication has been plagiarized.


“Here’s the question: Can others copy our work and claim it as their own? Or should Kindle and other self-publishing platforms have the capability to detect duplications [plagiarism] in a manuscript and decline to publish it. . .” – See more by clicking the link below:


The New Plagiarism by Ron Callari written for

Source: The New Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks


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#Meno-Moments and #Memory

memory loss

My definition of memory:  It’s a part of our subconscience that computes life’s events, instilled to serve us for when we wish to recollect or locate something.

This is not to be confused with memories of the long ago past, as it seems my brain has no trouble remembering the color of a certain dress I may have worn when I was four years old, yet hesitates to remind me about what I ate for dinner last night.

I used to pride myself on my excellent memory. I am grateful that it still serves me up great detail of my past, but as my shorter term memory has somewhat vanished, making lists to do, to buy, to go, and reminders, have become part of my everyday living.

list-820967_640 (2)

My great recollections of the yesteryears enable me to write a lot about my past. Thankfully, I don’t have to write about yesterday’s news or it may go something like this: “Um, right, yesterday as I was eating my ? for lunch, I realized I had forgotten where I put my keys after coming home from (insert wherever). I know I always leave them in the front hall desk drawer, and I remember getting sidetracked while placing them down. My cell phone rang in my purse before I barely got my boots off. . . ” That’s where the concentration ends.

When I’m no longer focused on the immediate task at hand and am taken off course by a distraction, I unconsciously disregard my original intent while focusing on the next event. This is how I tend to misplace things.

Retrieval Method: When I go into search mode, I pinpoint back to the last thing I remember doing at the time I placed down my keys and mull over what took place when I lost the item, which at least gives me a hint of the vicinity where I should begin looking.

Annoying little things like these types of incidents send my inner think tank into a frenzy. What really frustrates me about this little memory game are the moments when I lose a word. It often feels as though a name or a place sitting right there on the tip of my tongue is yet so far away from my brain to grasp. It isn’t that I don’t actually know the word to use, it just won’t reveal itself to me.

Words, keys, shoes, meals, occasionally get lost in a secret cabinet in my brain, which I occasionally lose access to. If I could only remember in what part of my brain I keep that little cabinet, I may be able to better remember where everything else is.

I know I must have plenty of company in this department?

menowhat thumbnail 100x150_72dpi

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