What’s up with These Commercials?

A view from our balcony. Camelback, manmade lake.
A view from our balcony. Camelback, manmade lake.


Black ducks? Black geese? That congregate around the water.
Black ducks? Black geese? That congregate around the water.


A view from our parking lot at the Camelback mountains with a peaking out of sunset.
A view from our parking lot at the Camelback mountains with a peaking out of sunset.

We are here, vacationing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I certainly haven’t had much time to watch any television, but my husband is a TV addict, so that doesn’t mean while I’m working away on my computer that I don’t hear what’s going on in the background. The old cowboy shows he loves to watch in reruns bypass my ears as I click away on the keyboard, but I can’t help but notice what every single commercial ad I hear is selling – healthcare for ailments, disease, and death.


Okay, granted, he’s watching old reruns on special cable channels, and I can’t help but wonder if these commercial ads are tailored to these specialty channels with shows from 50 years ago, but holy smokes, it’s pretty morbid.


I’ve noticed quite a few of these ads on local channels as well, just not as plentiful. Still, I’m really amazed. I’m a person who believes in the the law of attraction: You get what you focus on and what surrounds you. I find hearing these ads running constantly every 5 minutes or so on commercial break, quite disturbing.


Here are just a sampling of ads I’ve heard:


  • Cancer treatment ads for a multitude of forms of cancer.
  • Catheter ads for cowboys, with descriptions of how easy to insert.
  • Ads for many types of prescription drugs and clinics.
  • Get new teeth, and smile again.
  • Medical alert buttons in all wearable forms.
  • Plan your funeral.
  • Life/accidental death insurance plans.
  • New improved colostomy bags.
  • Stroke and heart attack disease screening appointments.
  • Faulty birth control class action suits.


What ever happened to good old fashioned laundry detergent commercials?



41 thoughts on “What’s up with These Commercials?

  1. We noticed the same on the main terrestrial channels in Ireland that carry advertising.. Mostly insurance of all types predicting the worst for your home and in particular your health – diabolical and as you say depressing. Mind you the first adverts I saw on television back in 1985 when we hooked up to Harris County cable in Houston was for Preparation H and antacids… I amused us that they recommended taking the antacids before you went out for dinner! Great photos and post Debby and have shared of course.


  2. Totally agree re the commercials, Debby.
    Those black web footed birdies… I used to see birds that looked like that near a pond when I lived in Georgia. I don’t know what they are, but they’re cute. Keep enjoying Arizona for me. Not sure if I’ll ever make it, but I’m not going to “take off (my) rainbow shades.” (song Arizona) Mega hugs!


  3. I have concluded that the commercial selections are tailored to the audience producers think is watching the show. If you don’t want to see laxative and assisted living ads, you’ll probably have to watch (gasp!) “Housewives” or HGTV channels.


  4. I know! My husband is a TV addict too. When those commercials come on, he listens for the side effects. You can get rid of the stiffness in your earlobe with a rare risk of stroke, heart attack and death.


  5. πŸ™‚ so dislike commercials we are so lucky to still have the BBC which isn’t subject to them … I too do not watch a lot of TV.. but adds are unavoidable every 20 minutes or so.. I noticed here everything is an animal . as animation or selling is geared to represent an animal .And we are being played too like children… It often gets my ‘Hackles’ up LOL… Maybe I am part animal after all πŸ˜‰ ❀


    1. LOL Sue! It sounds like every 20 minutes is way better than every 5! I don’t watch a lot of TV, my husband does. I’ve now brought a balcony chair into the bedroom where I’ve made his new mancave so he can sit and watch his beloved shows and I can have some peace while I work without those distraction, depressing commercials, LOL. πŸ™‚


  6. There’s one ad that comes on often that is so annoying that when I hear it I say not that ad again! The thing with overkill advertising is that the listener, like me, turns off, and at this moment I can’t even tell you what the ad is about! πŸ™‚


  7. It’s all about the money. ROI: cost of commercial and profit on product. Can’t make as much on laundry detergent as most of the rest. But the demographics of the shows matter too. Advertisers have a handle on which shows have which viewers. I notice the difference if I’m watching something that’s supposed to be for younger folks.
    Seems like new drugs come out each week based on the annoying ads. What we tire of are the slutty women in the ads for Viagra.


  8. On top of all that depressing advertising, nothing is sacred anymore–or private. I don’t watch television so have missed all these annoyances.
    Great photos, Debby. Thanks for sharing. Nice and big. I live vicariously through YOU in Arizona. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


      1. I know you love earrings, just like me! I’ve posted them on my personal page on FB, not my author page. Come to think of it, I friended yoou awhile back and I don’t think you got it? Look me up, Debby Gies on FB, it’s one of the top few posts. πŸ™‚


  9. Oh Debby, I know what you mean and remember those ads from when I lived in CA and they disturbed me too. What got me was that once you get to 50, you’re automatically considered eligible for all of that ‘stuff’ as if suddenly you are over the hill and in declining health. I hate it. We don’t get so much over here but day time TV might be different, I don’t know, I never watch it. We tape so much on the DVR that we skim over ads, to spare us. But as you say, whatever happened to those normal, somewhat comforting ads about ordinary products? I guess the pharmecuetical business is booming. Oh and those birds, they look a bit like our moorhens or coots…maybe. Lovely pics, enjoy πŸ™‚ xoxo


    1. That’s what I do at home Sherri, I don’t want a lot of TV, and when I do, it’s all DVR’d because I don’t have time for commercials, and I only watch late at night. Yes, Big Pharma, is big bucks, so why not hone in on the over 50 crowd?
      Thanks for taking a stab at naming the birds. It seems many are unsure what type they are, lol. Thanks as always. xo ❀


  10. I’m with you on this Debby, but I also have to tell you that there are a few commercials I absolutely love. They bring back great memories. I just wished they were played more often. Somebody once told me that the commercials we hate the most are usually the ones that stick in our minds along with the name of the company who was running the commercial. I think they had a good point. They were also ‘Director of Marketing’ for a large company.

    Here’s a clip of my favourite commercial. I hope it plays.


    1. Lol, thanks for sharing that video Hugh. Can a Cadbury bar really do that to us? LOL. And certainly, some brilliant marketing has left a lingering memory with us for particular ads. Whether we hate or love them, their mission was accomplished for them to stick out in our minds. πŸ™‚


  11. Deb, I’m with you. I despise these new drug/disease oriented commercials. I don’t want to sound like someone who constantly thinks of conspiracies in the lurk, but I believe without a doubt that most of these commercials are geared to plant “seeds” of disease in our minds. I refuse to watch them. The mind/body connection is very powerful, and they know it. And so I won’t go on and on, I’ll just end it at that.

    Marinane xo


  12. lol, that is one morbid list of adverts!! I can’t believe that. I have a personal hatred of adverts, they drive me up the wall. I don’t really watch TV in the normal sense, usually I will binge once something is finished so i can sit and watch the whole thing at once…. advert free! :p


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